If you're a user of Google Play Music that has multiple devices, you're likely familiar with the fact that you may have to deauthorized devices on your account when it starts to get full to be able to add more. If you're the sort who tends to flash your Android device with lots of different ROMs, you may run afoul of a Google Play Music limitation some are unaware of. The service is actually limiting the number of deauthorizations on each account.

This has been a change rolled out of the last 60 days apparently and users who hit that limit get a message that they have deauthorized too many devices. The limit is 10 deautorizations on the account. According to XDA-Developers, some users have had success e-mailing Google support and having them deauthorize older devices. However, the e-mail deauthorization scheme is unconfirmed.

The only surefire way around this is to create a new account and re-upload music if you're near the limit. You could also restore your device from a backup of a ROM that worked previously using available backup software for Android. This doesn't seem like a good plan on Google's part and will certainly anger users who enjoy trying different ROMs on their devices.

[via XDA-Developers]

  • I’m so frustrated with Google Play music anyhow. I’ve hit my 20,000 song limit and don’t have an option to even pay to upload more. That’s ridiculous.

    This just gives me one more reason to move away from Google’s cloud service.

    • Jimneezy

      if you need more space then you might need to consider Amazon music cloud since it gives you unlimited uploads, sucks that its $20 a month and not free like google

  • Balbirsingh Powar

    thanks for information 🙂

  • Amblin

    You can only download songs from the web a couple of times as well. Really dumb restriction.

  • qhinton

    Well you can deauthorize devices yourself from the settings menu, but have to be done via the web not the app on the phone. I think 10 devices is more then enough. As for downloads I have downloaded like 150-200 via the app to my phone with no problems. I have no need to download to CPU as they’re all ready on the HDD.

    Right now I’m running 2 home CPU, 2 phones, 2 tabl

    • Amblin

      Some people buy music from Google Music so it won’t already be on your HD. Limiting downloads smells like a music industry limitation.

  • um yeah I just saw the error on my account. “Sorry, you’ve de-activated too many devices”  WTF, I sorta see the reasoning for only allowing 10 devices at any given time…but de-activating….really?  That’s just stupid…. 

  • Probably the whole point of the limit is to discouraged users from ROMming their phones.

    • Amblin

      I think it’s much more likely the music industry being dicks, aka. business as usual.

  • Well my limit was reached long ago, and now I can’t de-auth any more.