The Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 is very much tied into Google Now. That’s evident by the new launcher, and the immediate access to Google Now from the home screen. Of course, if you opt out of Google Now when setting up your device, it just about vanishes from the device. You can get it back, though — and it’s pretty simple.

By following a few simple steps, you can easily get Google Now back onto your phone. It’s as simple as logging out and logging back in, too. The full walkthrough, which we have via Slashgear, gives you the best method for getting Now back:

1. Pull down from the top of your display to reveal your notifications window.
2. Tap the smiley-faced fellow in a square in the upper right-hand corner to show quick settings.
3. Tap the Settings button in the upper right-hand square.
4. Inside Settings, pull the screen up until you see Accounts.
5. Tap the Google account, or if you don’t have one, tap Add account and make a Google Account.
6. Inside your Google account, below Privacy, tap Search.
7. Inside “Accounts & privacy”, tap the first list item: Google Account.
8. Tap Sign out.
9. Repeat steps 1-8 but tap your email address instead.
10. At this point, the Google Now opt-in screen should appear.

If you already have an account added, you can hold down on the home screen, and tap “Accounts and Privacy”. From there, you just follow steps 7 & 8. It’s pretty easy to do, and one of those odd nuances to the newest Nexus device that could confuse some if they don’t navigate it properly.

  • Kyle Salewski

    Yeah, Google Now has vanished for me. Not cool. I tried this method and when I turn my account back on in Step 9, it fails and says “Network error. Check your network connections and try again.”

    • You might want to try it on Wi-fi if you’ve not already done so.

      • Kyle Salewski

        Yeah. Tried WiFi. No dice.

      • ThirdPartyApe

        I had a problem with “Network Error” and doing a factory reset worked it out. Pain in the ass but it worked.

      • Kyle Salewski

        Tried wiping it numerous times. No luck. Logging in with someone else’s account works fine. I sign out and back into mine, no Google Now.

      • Harshad Kale

        Having exact same issue, also in Setting > Accounts > Google, there are sync erros

    • Matt Thompson

      Did this method, and tried wifi and network, keep getting “Network Error”

      • jab416171

        I had to try about 6 times for it to work, but it finally went through for me.

    • jab416171

      I had to try about 6 times for it to work, but it finally went through.

  • Throwaway23456

    I had the same problem and these steps didn’t work.

    But if you go into the “Google Settings” app, click on “Search” and then click on “Google Account” and select your e-mail address, it should prompt you for Google Now.

    Or something very similar to that… I’ve forgotten the exact steps. Hope this helps!

    • Kyle Salewski

      Throwaway, your steps take you to the exact same place the article does. Just an FYI.

  • Ishan

    same here but no luck with these steps

  • Russ Greeno

    If you have a Nexus 5 and want to turn Google Now on or off, touch & hold empty space on any Home screen, then touch Settings > Google Now.

  • ThirdPartyApe

    Thanks for this…. I don’t remember “opting out” but for whatever reason Google Now was AWOL. This turned it back on for me!

  • QPhysics

    Worked on my Galaxy S4!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Robb Nunya

    Worked like a charm on my Nexus 5!

  • srini

    no luck on nexus 4 🙁

  • Dave


    I don’t even know how I opted out but this fixed it.

  • amjad

    Nothing happened on my nexus 4 Google now still disappeared 🙁

  • Rohan

    thakyou very very much

  • Muktak

    THank U Dude!!!! Worked at once!!!!!

  • Yash

    Thanks a lot ppl! U r true masterminds!