What a fine way to start the Google I/O week off right? It appears that the rumored and rumored Google Nexus 7 tablet has leaked in the wee hours of the morning, finally sharing what looks to be solid confirmed specs and a set of press images. According to Gizmodo Australia that is exactly what we have here.

Apparently all of the specs, details, and even the image above were obtained by a leaked training manual for the new Google slate, and we couldn't be happier with what we are seeing. Previous rumors and reports have been pretty accurate if this newest leaks holds true. Confirming the quad-core processor and other specs hitting the $199 price point. Here's what's been leaked and is being called the Nexus 7:

- 7" 1280 x 800 IPS display
- Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
- 8 and 16GB storage options ($199 and $249)
- 1.3 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 KAI processor
- 1 GB RAM
- NFC with Android Beam and Google Wallet
- 1.2 MP front camera, nothing on the back
- 9 hours battery life
- Nexus and ASUS branding on back

When we first started seeing rumors about this tablet is sounded awesome and I was hoping Google could pull it off. With help from ASUS and NVIDIA it looks like they've done just that, and this tablet is surely to be a huge hit. The Kindle Fire has just been beat at its own game, and everyone else will have to improve specs and lower prices at the same time. This is changing Android tablets, but also laying the groundwork for future tablets. My only concern is the lack of a MicroSD slot for extra storage. The Galaxy Nexus didn't have one, and Google's been pushing the cloud options. As much as I'd like the SD slot, I don't feel I really need one and will be buying that 16GB flavor. Google -- take my money!

None of this has been confirmed, but these latest leaks seems to sure up any doubt many have had. We'll all know the truth in just a few days time at Google I/O. We'll be there live so you'll want to check back often for more details. Who will be buying the Nexus 7 if it indeed ends up being a quad-core Android 4.1 Jelly Bean beast at $199?

  • I’d buy it in an heartbeat, it will literally be my next device

    • Yea I don’t need much storage for music. I have Google Music for that

  • JonJJon

    Out of interest, if Nvidia really is that bad with the Linux Kernel and open source contributions, why would Google go with them for the Nexus Tablet SOC?

    • I’ve seen discussions on this in the past. Makes a great point and I’m extremely interested to see how this all plays out. With ASUS having bootloader unlock options, and it being a Nexus device it should clearly be pretty open for the picking.

      Google went with them because they managed to push out an effective quad-core at a low price!

      • Nvidia isn’t bad with Linux, they just won’t supply open source drivers. They’ve proven themselves with the Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 processors on Android already, this will hopefully be similar in quality, even though it’s lower cost.

  • Charlie Whitman

    No SD card slot, so if it also has no USB host, I don’t think I’d be terribly interested. On the other hand, if it has USB host capability, I might take a look.

  • rmm200

    I really wanted an SD slot, for booting alternate images. No SD is what turned me off to the Fire.

    • its an aosp device. You can just boot off the main partition which is much faster than any sd card. This also has twice the ram as the fire which makes a huge difference. 600-700mb of free ram vs like 200.

  • Hon Chong Chang

    No SD cards is no deal. Google turned me away from Nexus line ever since they turned off SD card slots.

    I consume 32GB currently easily, mostly movies and pictures. My music itself is 10+GB, so why would I want no SD card and only internal memory?

    If you want no SD card, do it when we have like 200+GB on the internals, otherwise bring back the SD slot! This is like someone saying 640K is all we ever need; or that a floppy disk (1.44MB) is so huge, who’ll ever need more.


    • This sounds like a case of thinking you need more than you do. How often do you listen to your FULL 10G library of music when you don’t have any network access to stream it through Google Music? When do you need your FULL movie collection at the same time?

      • Dave

        Would rather have access to my entire collection then taking the time to choose and copy files any time I travel or go somewhere without access to cloud storage.

      • sharath naik

        8 GB is way too small for even that kind of thinking. Its not even a case of 640K is enough, its more like giving 200K

      • After re-reading the article, I realized I was thinking it came in 16GB and 32GB versions. 8GB is a little too small to not have an SD slot.

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    • Hon Chong Chang

      Try having kids. They want their cartoons and they want it NOW (wifi be damned, don’t explain to a 3 year old why there’s no wifi).

      And having SD slot, is not about total size of storage — it’s the removable part of the equation. Even if they’re 4GB each, I can have in the slot an SD for spongebob, one in the pocket for mickey mouse, another that’s in the middle of copying files (ETA 30 minutes, for next time) all at the same time.

      It’s that flexibility that I’ll miss.

  • No SD and no Sim-Card. I wanna use my Tablet on the go. So no for me. The only thing that´s coming close for me ist the Galaxy Note (1 – I kinda doubt the 2 will have SD).

  • Nah! Microsoft Surface Tablet-PC/ PC-Tablet is unbeatable

  • I was really eyeing one of these as a holdover until the full Win 8 Surface tablets hit next spring, but lack of on-device storage expansion is a killer for me. Not everyone has full-time network access and can store everything on Google Drive. 🙁

  • Jed

    No sd slot will mean a pass for me,

  • aBowlOfNoodles

    What’s with all the nagging about it doesn’t have this or it doesn’t have that?

    C’mon people, you’re getting a Quad-core processor, IPS display, 8GB or 16GB of storage, NFC, a front facing camera, and Android jelly bean all at the starting price of $199!!! I’d take that any day!!!

    The last tablet at that price point was the Kindle Fire and it sold millions! The Nexus 7 smokes the Kindle Fire in just about every aspect.

    • sharath naik

      Its not nagging, people are just dumbfounded by the impracticality of this device all by just dropping SD card slot after having made the decision to give it only 8/16 GB storage. Did not think Google was capable of such bad execution. They had Motorola to produce this if Asus was charging more to add storage. A non-3g device with miniscule storage is just junk. People are just pointing that out, it is just baffling Google’s management did not see this

  • struggs

    SD Cards are vital for photographers and the like who want to shoot and share all at the same time. Until camera manufactures embrace wifi enabled cameras completely I think that any device, including the iPad are missing a huge selling point for many people.

  • danp33

    I agree, having the choice to expand the memory via microSD is important. Since there is a good chance I’ll be listening to music or watching movies away from a Wi-Fi connection it would mean pre-planning what you want to remain stored on the tablet and what you don’t. Not to mention how much space Tegra games can take up!

  • James

    No SD card??? And here I had hopes that Google somehow would finally get this right. Silly me. Pass.

    • James

      And I just spent half a night with a flakey broadband connection, so I don’t view the cloud as a suitable consolation prize.

  • sharath naik

    You do not have google drive as you do not have 3g. This is example of impractical devices.

  • gissmarjun

    Agreed if no sd slot no money for you google u dont need to cut this down to the bare minimum to keep price down u make enough money with ads (which u will be selling plenty of once this thing comes out) when asus first announced this tab I was excited then I heard google was getting involved I got more excited now im just dissapointed shame on google for trying to copy Amazon just cause some morons bought into the kindle junker does not mean this will happen here as well oh wait I forget how many idiot sheep are out there I take it back this thing is going to sell out.