Well folks, this entire ordeal of Google selling devices in their own Store has slowly but surely became an absolute disaster. Users all over the place are having a nearly impossible time buying themselves a shiny new LG Nexus 4 or Nexus 10. Earlier we reported that Google announced more stock would be available at 12 PST, then they apparently “sold out” within a matter of minutes. That isn’t the case though, read on below for more details.

See the image above? Google’s just confirmed stock is still available. Just like the first round of devices that went up for sale. It looks like Google, who is like the king of the internet (or so we thought) is having trouble keeping up with the demand. There’s millions and billions of Google searches a day, but their Play Store can’t handle a few nerds trying to buy a new Nexus 4.

We’re hearing multiple reports that the LG Nexus 4 in both 8 and 16GB versions is in fact NOT sold out right now, and instead the Play Store is just having a hard time keeping up. As a result if you’re patient enough to hit F5 (or refresh) a few times they’ll be back in stock. Multiple tips have stated they’ve still managed to buy one, and they’ve been available for nearly 2 hours. Google’s also confirming this right on the store themselves.

On launch day they sold out in just about 24 minutes, but then users still snagged a few throughout the day. If you can manage to get one in your cart, and not have an error (this is getting ridiculous) you should hopefully still be able to pickup and get your own LG Nexus 4 headed your way in time for Christmas. /rant

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  • John998w

    Google botched ANOTHER release…

    Not evil, but certainly incompetent…

    • I almost think it’s on purpose.. for some reason. and that is why I said /rant before I continued my rage

  • John998w

    Maybe if they put them in stores or just let us flipping PRE-ORDER them, then they wouldn’t have such a problem. What difference does it make anyways?? Open them for pre-ordering for 1 day only, then see how many people want them, then send an email informing people when it’s going to be arriving. Wow, I just solved all your problems Google…

  • chris

    proceed, f5, proceed, f5, proceed, f5…………

  • spookiness

    infuriating. Been stuck in the cart since 3:06 EST and can’t “proceed” thru checkout. Wasted half the afternoon of a workday. Just let me backorder it.

  • David

    Saw this tip on Yahoo!, worked for me. (1) Add to cart. (2) Set quantity. (3) Press tab until highlight is on the PROCEED button. (4) Press and hold ENTER key until the Google Wallet window appears.

    • Coltin Grison

      Still says to me that it is sold out, and does not show the yellow notice saying they are experiencing high volume and still have stock, if anyone else seeing the warning that there is still stock? or did you see it and now its gone?

      • vivek

        worked for me, great trick!

    • Nexus for

      ^ this just worked for me too

      • chris

        this indeed does work, but now it will not accept my address, and so now i am in a loop of adding my address over and over again…..

      • chris

        SUCCESS!! make sure you register yourself with google wallet first, then use the above trick

    • Richard

      This actually worked for me, too. It lagged a bit and the screen washed out (I thought it was going to crash), but then the Google Wallet screen showed up.

    • JoseRubio

      it does’t let me confirm shipping adress

    • Curt Wagner

      Same worked, I got two! thank you so much!

    • Ajay Kewale

      worked for me !!!!

    • Nanda

      Thanks a lot. It worked.

  • oops_proceed

    After seeing “oops” a billion times I finally got one – 16gb. Now if I can only order the bumper…..

  • Dr.Web

    This to me seems like a physiological statistic. It’s like holding a piece of cheese in front a mouse, How far will you run before you stop clicking the mouse…

  • Ricci

    SOLD OUT in Google Play Australia. Just checked.

  • ryan94839032

    Once you get it in your cart press and hold enter for like 40 seconds. Then let go. The screen will grey out. Then open google wallet. If it doesnt work try a few more times. it worked for me after the 2nd try.

  • West Coast Commentator

    Thank you David – “Press and hold ENTER key until the Google Wallet window appears” did the trick. I actually decided to change the order to the 16GB model, as the shipping time was stated as 2-3 weeks versus 6-7 weeks for the 8GB model.

    • Ajay Kewale

      worked for me too

  • Eric

    David – Thanks for the great tip worked perfect and i was able to snag 2 16 gig models

  • disqus_47gfH1CzlO

    I thought I’d let you all know that I was able to purchase one at 3:35pm Pacific Time, 3.5 hours after the site went live. I used the following link https://play.google.com/store/devices/details?id=nexus_4_8gb

    I hit CTRL-R repeatedly inside the “Proceed button” and it finally came back with a request to go into G-Wallet and then the order was complete. It says it will be 6 to 7 weeks for delivery. Not too happy about that, but I can live with the old iPhone 4 until then. In San Diego County, HSPA+ is faster than Verizon LTE, so I am really looking forward to the new phone.


  • Maybe they wanted to be sold out so they will start selling the device in a year when that price is normal and now they are only getting marketing with an unreal price as theh are not selling one. If you want a nexus 4 you have to go to the shop and pay a normal price. this is marketing. a year is too much. just to make u understand that everyday they are wining money if they dont sell the device. so it will be sold out for a loooooong time.

  • placed the order today, tun tun tun

  • i got the same notice but i clicked on it again and walla checkout!

  • french geek

    is there still a high traffic on the US play store ?