Google highlights gaming and reading in latest Nexus 7 promo videos

November 9, 2013

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While much of the focus has been on the Nexus 5 this week, Google hasn't forgotten about the Nexus 7. In fact, Google has recently posted a few new Nexus 7 promo videos on YouTube. These latest include In Play and Center Stage and they are following up the Best Friend and Study Hall videos we saw a few weeks earlier.

Anyway, these latest two are both clocking in at 30-seconds in length and they are focused on gaming and reading. The In Play video offers a look at a wide variety of potential users. From adults sitting in airports to some older gentleman using the Nexus 7 to play chess in a restaurant. Simply put, Google is making an effort to show that the Nexus 7 can be a good casual game system for users of all ages.

[youtube -g0nOgOLQ1E]

As mentioned, Center Stage is highlighting reading. But more specifically, Google is using this one to push the ebooks that are available in the Play Store -- of which, Google notes how "from classics to bestsellers. Nexus 7 brings you the world's largest collection of eBooks on Google Play." And similar to the In Play video, Google shows this as being good for a wide variety of different users.

[youtube Ujjzilho6JM]

Otherwise, while Google is continuing to push the Nexus 7 tablet, T-Mobile is also doing the same. The carrier recently launched pre-orders and is expected to begin shipping the Nexus 7 on November 20th. The LTE model of the Nexus 7 is priced at $349 direct from the Play Store and T-Mobile will be offering it with no money down and 24 monthly payments of $16. That does amount to a bit of a premium (actually, a $35 premium), but we suppose some will be happier to grab the tablet with the monthly payments.

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  • stucrmnx120fshwf

    If we’re going to get N10 resolution on smartphones next year, can we have a UD 4k, at 7″, a N7 UD, 14 nm, 64 bit, GRAM, will take us from the current play /record UD into UD gaming territory. :-).