The Nexus 7 from Google and Asus is easily one of the best Android tablets available, with many considering it the true benchmark device for the platform. Aside from the Chromebook, the Nexus 7 sees the most TV advertising of all Google devices.

Google has released two new commercials for their 7-inch powerhouse, which showcase just how handy it can be outside of normal web browsing. In the first commercial, Google highlights the ease of Hangouts with the gaming prowess of the device. In a rush to see his ailing dog, our friend also navigates his way home using Google Now.

The second commercial is very brief, but shows Google’s new push toward education. As Google Now pushes a study reminder notification to the device, our college-aged pal searches for a 24-hour coffee shop after buying his textbook via the Play Store.

Check the commercials out below, and tell us what you think. We find it a bit funny that, even in commercials, Google can’t quite keep up with their own innovations. In asking for directions home, the star of the show says “Google” to initiate voice commands, whereas the recent update now asks for “OK, Google”. Whoops!