Gameloft have made Android game Dungeon Hunter free for one day only, offering a handy way to bypass the pre-weekend boredom. Available as part of the game studio’s Advent Twitter promotion, the game was released back in May 2010 and pits you as a dungeon raiding Rogue, Knight or Mage in an action RPG.

Apparently some users have been experiencing problems with the download, and Gameloft has extended the free period to accommodate them. Still, it won’t last forever, so best to download now if you fancy some free Android gaming.

  • Wouter

    Is this US only? I entered my UK mobile number (after selecting UK at the top of the page) and nothing is happening. (unless this is the issue being referred to)

  • No, I don’t think it’s US-only – I put in a UK phone number and got the SMS straight away, and the link worked to download the file. Perhaps their servers are still stressed.

  • Sayantan Nandi

    my download is stuck…still says 104mb remaining x-(

  • There’s always a catch… Did nobody notice that the game wants to edit, read, and *SEND* SMS and MMS messages? The download link you get texted says that messaging costs apply.

  • Loren

    Pretty short list of phones that it will work on. Why not the G2? Or the MyTouch 4G? Nexus One? All of these can out-perform the original Droid, how did that one make the list?

  • Cloke

    Yep, disappointed that I can’t get it for my G2. Though not completely as Android is just not cut out for gaming at this point. I’ll stick with my DS.

  • NuShrike

    Surprising that vanilla Androids such as the G2 (aka DesireZ) is also being excluded.

    Bad show Gameloft!

  • Ben Olmsted

    It’s so cute when you guys start blaming the developer when the real problem is the utterly disastrous fragmentation cesspit that is Android.

  • Olleh

    Hate to admit it but its time like this prove androids is fragmented not on software but on hardware as well since both he nexus one and the G2 run on froyo but doesnt support dungeon hunter…. Pity too since are both have stock android on board

  • NuShrike

    The proof here is that Gameloft should have used the Market instead of trying to sideload through their crappy SMS system. It was obviously overwhelmed by the number of Androids out there wanting the download. Gameloft didn’t demonstrate the competency required of any normal PC software release.

  • Zahinrabbi

    Nice game

  • Diddu84

    doesnt work on the dell streak 🙁 fuckerssss