Galaxy Note 3 leaks with 5.9-inch display, 8-core, 3GB of RAM [Updated]

April 29, 2013

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The folks from Samsung are preparing a pretty massive smartphone for later this year. Following their yearly upgrade cycle we're expecting to see the Galaxy Note 3 be revealed sometime in September at IFA 2013, and until today we've been getting conflicting reports on the hardware. The leaked image below gives us an idea of what to expect, which is more of the same, only they've beefed up the internals again.

By what we're seeing and hearing it sounds like Samsung will do the same with the Note 3 as they did with the GALAXY S 4. Upgrade the screen and internals, but keep the design language the same. We've heard a 6.3-inch Note 3 was coming, but the current leaks suggest 5.99-inches will in fact be the final size.

Rumors earlier this month "confirmed" Samsung was working on aluminum or premium hardware materials to replace their plastics, but according to the above image that won't be happening anytime soon. The device looks like a larger Galaxy Note II. So with that in mind, lets talk about under the plastic design, which are some pretty impressive specs.

As the rumors suggest, Samsung will use a 5.99-inch 1920 x 1080p full HD display, then boost everything else under the hood too. Most importantly (or not, is this necessary?) Samsung will be adding 3GB of RAM to the Note 3. Yes, 3GB of RAM. The Galaxy Note 3 will run the newly announced Exynos 5 Octa 8-core processor clocked at 2.0 GHz on four cores, and 1.2 GHz on the other 4. Sounds like a beast right. 8-core smartphone with 3GB of RAM. That's just nuts.

For now this hasn't been confirmed, but given what we've seen lately from Samsung this could very well be what they unveil at IFA in a few months time. That's one massive phone. Would you buy one?

Update: Seems it's still too early to get excited about the Note 3 - Paul O'Brien points us in the direction of this Note 2 clone which looks to be the device in the image.

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  • Yes. In a heartbeat. This will be my next phone for sure. I just hope Sammy doesn’t skimp on the battery, lol

    • they won’t skimp on battery, that’s for sure. But Damn… That’s really big

  • Jon918


  • Already looking forward to it. I love my Note II but will happily sell it as soon as the III is available.

  • sgarrand

    I’m sure the 8 core version will be international only. The US version will get 4. This always happens.

    • Well the US Note II came with Samsung’s Exynos, not the Snapdragon. The S4 sells too many for them to handle the task. The Note III will probably go 8-core worldwide.

  • rasto

    When will this stop? 3GB of RAM and a octa core? This spec race has always been ridiculous, but this is a little too much… I don’t know how android manages multiple processors, but I doubt any app will ever use all eight cores. That’s just completely superfluous.. And still, single core WP 8s of iOS will be smoother…

    • Tony Willis

      Please learn to think.Its for multiple cores to run 1 program at a time for a maximum of 8 apps to simultaneously switch between.If you even want to manage that many apps.Also cores do more than just run apps.The hell

      • Bentez2003

        This is incorrect. It’s x2 quad cores on one SOC, one for low power consumption, running things like messaging and email then the high power quad for games and HD playback. You will only have a maximum of four cores running at once

    • vcarvega

      Android JB phones are already just as smooth as WP or iOS… and of course already multi tasks better than both as well. But the added horsepower will certainly help w/ multi-tasking and apps that are process intensive.

  • N8shon

    I sure will, and I’m going to love every second of it.

  • Ron Little

    If you build it..they will come.

  • Bo

    LOL really, AndroidCommunity is becoming more of a joke with each passing day. It is OBVIOUS from the photo that this is a KIRF. A terrible KIRF, at that. Also today you had that retarded post about plastic shattering on the S4, when in fact it was all but plastic that shattered.

    • Yea.. and the reason the glass shattered is partly because the plastic doesn’t give ANY additional protection to the device.. Chill buddy. Can’t we all just get along.

      • Bo

        Wait… how are you expecting the plastic to protect the glass? Should they have added another layer of plastic over the glass to protect it?

  • Daniel

    F….yeah I’ll buy it plastic is ok for me plus i get a removable battery and extra storage nothing wrong with that

  • Junior

    a beast inside indeed. but outside? made by the same guys who bought us tupperware!

  • matoz

    What tha f***k the home button located!!!!

    • Liaw Kim Poh

      agree, that’s one thing I hate on my GS3, the home button is way too low. Glad that GS4’s home button is fixed

  • Pixar

    This 5.9 screen rumor is bull crap…they just announced the Mega line at 5.8 and 6.3, so at 5.9 it would make the N3 a Mega. The n3 will prob get 3gb and 8 cores though. What I do know if if they come 5.9, I’ll upgrade my n2 for an s4…any bigger than 5.5 is too much

  • The picture is insultingly, and obviously staged. They finger-printed it up, and made the flash reflect in just the right spot to make it look retardedly like an “ooo, we got an exclusive leaked photo! And it’s from a sneaky guy who quickly snapped this without the company wanting it to come out” pic. The picture is total BS. Anyway, yes, I am buying the Note 3; 5.99″ or 6.3″. Hoping for the 6.3″.

  • nice specs, but nothing new

    • slicknick

      need awesome software right ?

  • Is Samsung deaf?? Am just saying Cruz this seems nothing like what consumers Always want.. We want a clean smart design and remove that ugly home button.. But still .. I guess we will reach 2050 and they are still on their same old ways..

  • john parker

    I am waiting for larger Galaxy Note 3, hoping 6.3″. I am thrilled about note 3’s big screen and powerful internal machine. Galaxy note 3 will be my mini pad and cell phone and e-reader machine. Yay and Yay 😀 There will be nothing like Note 3. It will be huge hit from the start.

  • Tim

    It is 4×2 cores people, don’t get your hopes up

  • ninjagtr

    I probably am samsungs galaxy note biggest fan. … but I might sit this one out until they come out with a totally new device. … I like that it’s going to be bigger and faster, but if it’s just going to be a bigger version of the s4 per say…. what’s the point?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Clearly this isn’t the Galaxy Note 3 in the pictures. Don’t worry to much what it will look like. Expect Exynos 5 Octa processor with Mali T450 GPU, 3gb of ram, 4200mAh battery,

    • squiddy20

      Clearly you know not of what you speak. No one knows what it looks like. To think you (or anyone else besides a select few Samsung employees) does is laughably ridiculous.

      Also, we should believe any of what you say… why? You claimed to know the exact specs of the US version of the S4 before it was out, including a “flexible 1080p screen”, 3GB of RAM, the Exynos 5 Octa, wireless charging, and “a pad” on the device to measure blood pressure/blood glucose levels. NONE of those are in ANY of the US versions. Just another stupid, wishful fanboy who thinks he knows something.

      • slicknick

        whoa relax guy looking at history of galaxy s line to galaxy notes this assumption seems to be right i wouldn’t say dead on but he got some of it down keep in mind again the galaxy s3 promised quad core for it and it did but only for international version not to U.S. (lte dual core for U.S.) because some say the chips wouldn’t fit together but notice galaxy note 2 right after s3 it did have the quad core and lte chip for the U.S. again this year to we expected the Exynos 5 Octa for the s4 again same situation only international is getting it not U.S. (were getting quad core yes but not the Exynos 5 Octa)

        As far as the other stuff we can only go on past trends settings maybe shooting for higher ram we really don’t know don’t go trolling people on here get off your high horse and relax don’t get all worked up but i would love to see edge to edge screen like htc one but i worry is it more likely to break due to not a whole lot of panel protecting it if it drops and maybe lose the big button seems this year that’s kinda a trend starting idk if it’ll catch but we’ll see

  • slicknick

    i’d like to see a whole lot more software upgrades for the note 3 like the s4 did this year the s4 had a couple of hardware improv. but more software to complement the hardware finally getting the use of the camera where can delete those people or whatever out your pictures on a phone wanna feel i got a good phone not just a bunch of great equipment with lil use of it and the battery has to be reliable

  • Ugslick

    Way too big. Honestly, for me the 5.5′ screens are the edge of acceptable, but I think LG will surpass Samsung quality wise this year. Theyve pushed a better device (The Optimus G/Nexus 4) as a competitor to the S3, a few months late. Then the Optimus G Pro which is almost on par with the S4, which they out a month earlier, and now with the Optimus G2, I fully expect LG to surpass Samsung. Im waiting on the G2, which is presumably the base for the Nexus 5 as well..

  • Mahesh Murali

    it makes more sense to get a 7″ nexus tab with sim slot


    Good read, Speculation. I see a lot of unneeded Bezel…