While we don’t know exactly when the Galaxy Nexus will be hitting store shelves aside from the nebulous “November“, in at least one territory we have a firm price for the contract-free version. All Nexus phones are unlocked, but in countries that aren’t burdened with the “competitive” wireless market in the US, you can easily buy a phone without a SIM card. IN the UK, the Galaxy Nexus will cost £429, or about $680 USD.

A couple of things to note: that price is before a considerable Value-Added Tax, and it’s the smaller 16GB version. At present, there are no plans to release the larger 32GB model in the UK, which could be an important deciding factor for those who like to take large collections of media on the go. Like the Nexus S before it, the Galaxy Nexus has no MicroSD card slot. The price also reflects the HSPA+ model, as the UK currently has no LTE networks.

While off-contract prices for the US are tentative until one of the carriers makes an announcement, you can expect that the Galaxy Nexus will be in the $600 range for the 16GB model. The on-contract LTE price looks like it will be $299 on Verizon at least, though that may not include a mail-in rebate. Be sure to check out our hands-on coverage of the Galaxy Nexus to tide you over until it comes to our fair shores.

Check out our hands-on looks at the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich below:

Galaxy Nexus Hands-on

[vms 55018e2a459517fdb40e]

Ice Cream Sandwich Hands-on

[vms 4b1be110b7bf70c8362d]

  • Eggsvert

    No! ” the smaller 16GB version. At present, there are no plans to release the larger 32GB model in the UK”
    That’s rubbish! That’s ruined this phone for me. I am due an upgrade from a Hero and have been holding off for the Nexus. I was annoyed at no micro-SD but it didn’t matter as I thought I could get the 32gb version. I know 16gb sounds a lot, but I have regular long journeys and wanted to use my phone as my main source of media, my Hero has a 16gb card filled with songs but now I’ll need to share that with apps, photos etc. I was also hoping to get some videos on this phone. That’s a real deal breaker and I’m really frustrated 🙁 

    • Anonymous

      Considering the movement to more cloud based media access, I don’t see this as big a deal breaker as you.  It’s more of a minor inconvenience to me which can more than be made up by accessing my own media server remotely or through a 3rd party media app (provided there’s at least a 3G connection available). I’m in the US, but because of cloud based tech and the numerous ways of accessing your own media (or even someone elses), I plan to only get the 16GB anyway.

      • Eggsvert

        Yeah, to be honest after I posted in frustration I thought about cloud services… Not sure what the best services are for that here in the UK, I’ll need to do some research before I dismiss the Nexus completely. 
        Still annoyed that we don’t get a choice though, not sure why the 32gb version shouldn’t be available here either? Seems like a strange decision.

      • jon

        While 4G and cloud storage could work very nicely…my biggest concern is that trend toward tighter throttling of bandwidth, and onerous pricing for users that go over 2GB (unless you’re on Sprint — which if fine if you’re near one of the WiMax zones…but pointless elsewhere). The net result of a phone with only 16GB internal and no removable storage could be one of 1) limited media / document use, or 2) ghastly data charges each month.

      • Eggsvert

        data charges… yes. I’m in the uk, currently on a 500mb plan(!) but will be going onto a 1GB plan – I’m not sure of any providers that have more than that here. 
        Damn, I honestly don’t know…

      • Enoel69

        How safe is cloud based media storage? I think the vulnerabilities of cloud based storage numerous.   Like u just wrote..numerous ways of accessing ur own media (or even someone else’s). 

      • Anonymous

        As the OP stated, we’re talking about media.  Not something personal unless you count home videos of you and the fam (or other even more personal videos!). 

        I could understand the dilemma if you handled large files which had confidential information in them such as personable identifiable information but we’re talking media in general.  IF you’re someone who has a massive amount of photos, this could possibly be a deal breaker.  Again, I think cloud based services offer an outlet if you have more media than most other people and would allow for you to enjoy the experience of a Galaxy Nexus w/o the worry of never being able to access your stuff.

    • Batardsouler

      16gigs is 200 hours of music. Unless you are doing some round the world tours that should tide you over. 

      • Eggsvert

        I know… it’s just that I like to have a wide selection to choose from. There is nothing worse than thinking “I know, I want to listen to album xyz, haven’t heard that for ages” only to remember it’s not on your device because you didn’t have space.
        I have a large music collection and would like to have it all with me. 

        When I got the hero I wanted android and figured that 16gb would be plenty, but it’s been annoying at times. I was holding off upgrading to a 32gb card as I wanted to see what on board storage my next phone would have. Looks like if I go for the Nexus I’ll have to stick with the 16gb.

        Its just frustrating to have my choice restricted, keeping in mind that the last nexus device had 16gb and no sd slot, I thought there would surely be an upgrade for this device. 

        As someone elsewhere said, I will have to look at utilising the cloud. If Amazon cloud or Google music was available in the UK, I’d go with them. As it is I’m not sure what the best option is. 

        I guess there are other devices to choose from, but I wanted that pure Google experience and the quick updates. 

      • Dusty

        Yeah it’s called Google Music beta and it’s free, check it out. SD cards are loosing to the cloud, the only thing they’re good for is international trips and remote dead spots, if you think airplanes are a problem, they’re not. Most major airlines have wifi.

  • akalias

    Who would make a decision like that? Why on earth would we not be offered the choice between the two sizes? Really hope this is just misinformation, otherwise my certain next phone might not be so certain.

  • I think I will stick with Galaxy S 2…kinda pricey…

  • Anonymous

    This is looking worse and worse.

    No microSD slot? Hmm… ok, maybe I’ll let that off the hook if it has 32GB onboard and USB OTG to hook up flash drives while travelling. (Currently unconfirmed.)

    No HDMI out? Ok, I’ll let that off the hook if it features MHL like the SGSII, i.e. HDMI out via an adapter. (Also currently unconfirmed.)

    But possibly $680 full / $299 subsidized for the 16GB version? Are you kidding me?

    What do they think the phone has that could POSSIBLY justify that price point, given that its only notable hardware upgrade over the SGSII (currently subsidized at $199) is the screen?

    That implies that they’d probably try to flog the 32GB at $399, which is absolutely absurd in and of itself, but especially given that they’re going head-to-head with the iPhone 4S, which is sitting at $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB.

    Are they really going to try to charge that kind of a premium just for early access to ICS? That’s just as bad as Apple tying Siri to the 4S just to market an otherwise mediocre iPhone upgrade, when Siri could run perfectly well on the 3GS and 4.

    I keep trying to find reasons to finally dump this damn 3GS/AT&T and switch to the Galaxy Nexus/Verizon, but they’re giving me reasons to avoid the new Nexus faster than I can conjure justifications for the switch.

    • All recent Galaxy S II usb ports support MHL, there is no reason to think otherwise here. It might even ship with the adapter just like the Galaxy S II did to all 3 major carriers here in the US just recently.

    • Arman Safari

      Are you in my mind? I was about to say exacatly this! Man i swear to god if this $680 + vat (norway) is for 16GB version i will never EVER buy a Nexus phone. WAKE up google FFS!!

  • Enoel69

    I’m still puzzled by Google’s rationale for not including a micro SD slot since the N1. Some ppl just need ample storage on their devices and also for them to have the ability to add more storage if need be. Now for such a SUPER POWERFUL handset to not have a micro SD slot i would suggest all the devices come with 32GB or just a small number to come with 16GB.

    • Jon

      Simple, Samsung copies Apple. Google infringes on Apple patents. Apple is micro sd slot free, Samsung will copy that while Google implements Apple patents. All that equals a Samsung overpriced flagship Apple-like device.
      And yes, I have owned a couple high end android phones, so chill with the fanboy thing before you start.

      • Someone

        Everyone copies everyone else. Multitasking and notification methods? That was Android. Android gets wifi tethering, months later, copied. HTC gets lock screen shortcuts, copied. Voice actions? Tweaked slightly, copied.

        Added to the fact that all Samsung exclusive (not joint) all have sd card slots, it’s kind of hard to say Samsung is copying based on this alone.

      • Dusty

        Multitasking started with Palm, as well as wifi tethering and lock screen shortcuts. Although, I wouldn’t say anything was necessarily copied, wifi tethering and multitasking technology existed long before smartphones.
        Although, I’d have to admit Androids pull down notifications have been blatantly copied by Apple, guess it doesn’t matter though, considering android is an open source OS. 
        For the most part, both android OS and iOS UI’s are based off of Windows, Unix, and Linux which have been around quite a while longer then smartphones.

      • Kj77

        Wow, Samsung copies Apple’s great innovation: “no microSD slot”!  That about sums up the astounding level of innovation Apple is capable of.

  • An Android that costs even more than an iPhone 4S?

    I know that the price will drop dramatically after launch (this happened to all the Android phones including the Nexus S); but the initial price makes me disappointed in Google already.  They don’t seem to get it.  This will make early adopters distrust them.

    By the time they reduce the price, there might be tons of better options already.

    Google apparently doesn’t know how to run this business properly.

    • Someoneasdf

      So apparently having a significantly better processor, twice the ram, higher res and bigger screen, a barometer… None if this matters?

    • Kj77

      I grant you that the iPhone is way overpriced, so most Android phones end up being cheaper than it.  However, this is so much better than the iPhone that it really does make sense that it is more expensive than even the iPhone 4S.

  • Google can’t really do great design, and neither can Samsung.

    I’ve been hoping that Android will become the polished, well designed OS that they keep promising, but it is shaping more like the equivalent of Windows compared to the elegance of iOS.

    I have two Nexus S phones and was hoping that the Galaxy Nexus will be the perfect upgrade. But the hardware is generic looking and the new OS is borderline tacky.

    The specs are nice, but try as I might, I never achieved on the Nexus S the smooth experience of my old 3Gs. Even the camera, which was supposed to be better, took noticeably worse photos that the old iPhone.

    I was playing with a friend’s new iPhone 4S at dinner recently, and it makes Adroid look geeky and a bit primitive.

    I’ll wait to see the new Galaxy Nexus in person, but it looks like I am headed back to the iOS fold.