Fully working Quake 2 and 3 ported to Droid

February 24, 2010

AndroidandMe, conducted Android bounty competition which they set some parameters for developers to go away and make some applications for Android. In return they would offer a developer $90 if they fulfilled the parameters and were the first to do so. The second set of parameters included porting Quake II to Android.

They loaded Quake2 on a Droid and it ran really well. The frame rate hovers around 30 fps and hops to around 50 in smaller parts of a map. Even when the action gets intense with multiple players, the Droid is able to keep it playable at over 30 fps. Developer Thunderbird2k has ported Quake 3 to the Droid in a project he is calling kwaak3. He did this in a day then spent a few weeks adding network and touchscreen support. Here is a video of their hard work and it looks good to me, can't wait to have it on my phone.


[via androidandme]


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