Froyo on 57.6% of Androids in latest Google distribution stats

February 4, 2011

Google has updated its ongoing Android platform distribution charts, and Android 2.2 Froyo continues to dominate on devices in the wild, on 57.6-percent of handsets. Compiled from which devices have accessed the Android Market in the past 14 days (up until February 2 2011), it also shows that sub-2.1 versions of Android have almost dropped beneath the 10-percent mark.

At the other extreme, Android 2.3 Gingerbread has the smallest percentage of all, with just 0.8-percent distribution, since right now it's only officially available on the Nexus S.

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  • Yobif

    My android is at top…

  • Yobif

    Dont know y 2.3 is at very low percentage…

    • Chris Davies

      Well, so far the only official way to get 2.3 is on a Nexus S; the percentage will go up when more 2.3 updates are pushed out and the latest batch of 2.3 phones (e.g. the XPERIA Arc) are released.

  • Roger Moum

    YAY i’m among the 0.8% lol

  • Mark Smith

    I’m on 2.2 and waiting for my G2 a vanilla Google phone to get 2.3
    my wife is stuck 1.6
    and my son is stuck on 1.5

    • Chris Burns

      i think 1.6 and 1.5 might be outta luck.
      probably look for more 2.3 upgrades in a few weeks after mobile world congress

  • static

    Bring Gingerbread to the EVO already