Over the weekend, we wrote that the Florian Muller claims that Android files were stolen from Oracle were bunk. Muller is now claiming to have found even more files that are inside Android that were taken from Oracle code.

Muller claims that he found six more files inside Android that were copied directly from Java. He also claims to have found 37 files that carried the Sun disclaimer “PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL” and “DO NOT DISTRIBUTE!”

How or if the new claims will have any effect on the legal battle between Google and Oracle is unknown at this point. With the previous claims by Muller being claimed as insignificant, we can only wait and see if this has any bearing on the case.

Via TomsHardware

  • nexus

    The more files he will find, the sooner Google engineers will be able to (or is it “have to” ?) get rid of those files.

    So I say Florian Muller : “Run Florian ! Run ! Don’t stop ! Don’t look behind ! Just keep running !”

  • Come on don’t you guys do any research.

    Some useless dumbass goes about flaunting his dumbness and you spread it?

    Even the silliest lawyer could tell you that it isn’t part of android product; might be used for unit testing (which is allowed) and was in public repository only for a short duration.

    Removal from public destribution has already been done and anybody who can understand the makefiles can tell you that those mis-placed files don’t play a role in the build.

    All major projects use header text substitution scripts. Those might have run on those when around. This whole story is moot.

    As about earlier allegations, google has carefully gotten rid of any dependency on such code but Java in its earlier form offered openness and hence some patents might be infringed. That won’t by any means be specific to Android. And Oracle’s stance on Java is very different from Sun’s. Not a strong case. Not even a weak case.

    Just another mediocre trying to gain grounds here.

  • Already considered FUD. These files were never included in Android builds. They were only test files in the project that were never used and Google supposively already removed them from the project.

  • Woody

    You guys are in denial.

  • Chris Burns

    This guy just wont give up

  • JimboLodisC

    Tomorrow’s headline: “Florian Mueller found ass-up in downtown alley with Dell Streak in anus”

  • eclipse

    Two words.

    SCO Linux.

    That is all.

  • nps_ca

    Woody: A lot of the test files in MANY system on chip OS distro’s use Java… doesn’t mean the shipping product has ANYTHING compiled into it using Java… Denial??

  • Android Avenger

    You know, we should all just stop spreading this troll’s crap around the net.
    It’s just someone that is out for publicity by screwing open software reputation.
    Sad that a single troll gets so much attention, just because he bashes Android.
    Lucky Google is so smooth… I would sue his ass off the planet for those lies.