Firefox for Android beta updated with new UI and Flash support

May 15, 2012

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Mozilla has just released another update to their popular browser for Android today. This was just released this afternoon and is actually the Firefox for Android beta. If you're using the standard release you'll want to check out the newest beta because of its redesigned user interface and more. Check out the details below.

The new Firefox beta has completely overhauled the user interface, and it's what we can expect to see (or similar) in the next stable versions release. The design elements match Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich more closely, but still is unique to Firefox, and then they've added one major thing users have been asking for. We now have full Adobe Flash support in the latest beta, but things seem a little choppy this go around to be honest.

I'm an avid Chrome beta user but hoping to see what Mozilla can do with their mobile browser. Sadly like mentioned above usage is still a bit choppy, multitouch is weird to control, and flash support -- while needed -- didn't help the performance that is for sure. Sync and tabs have been improved and I'm liking what we've seen thus far, hopefully Mozilla and the Firefox mobile team keep up the good work. Hit the link below to give the latest beta for Android a try today.

Firefox Beta Link

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  • Paul Werner

    Just in time for me to not care anymore about flash. I thought I did and kept not using FF on Android because of this but when Chrome came out without it and I downloaded it, I realized how little I really need that for. Now that I have Chrome as my only browser on my Epic on CM9 I still will skip even using FF

    • Bob132

       thanks, your comment made all the difference to all our lives, thanks for sharing

  • firethorn

    Looks like the improvements trickled down from Aurora to the Beta channel. Aurora is what I have been using the last couple weeks whenever I wasn’t just defaulting to Chrome (because Chrome is amazing).

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  • turn_self_off

    Best i can tell, this only applies for phones. The tablet variant still reads 13 beta.