We have been following up with Team Whiskey very closely, a well known development team that reaches out to XDA Developers. Our staff has installed their Trinity v1.3 ROM and can vouch for its stability in every area of functionality. This is Team Whiskey’s latest release and has proved some amazing quadrant scores in comparison to the stock ROM on the Nexus S.

You can clearly see how much higher the Trinity ROM + Kernal’s CPU score is compared to stock. The voltage was also increased from the standard 1.2V to 1.4V. When the voltage is pushed higher, the memory increases as well.

As we know, quadrant scores aren’t everything. We need our smartphones to be extremely reliable and would prefer them to be as fast as possible. That’s why we decided all of our visitors at Android Community deserve a true tour of an overclocked Nexus S. The below video displays the fastest phone we have yet to cover.

[vms bdedde4ec2cfad051558]

[Via Team Whiskey]

  • Loren

    Why did the overclock version score 0’s for the 2D and 3D portions of the Quadrant tests?

  • DroidDev

    Gotta love a site that watermarks photos that arent even theirs. Makes a lot of sense Android Community.

  • Sam Koutroulakis

    The developer did not either, the focus was on the processing speed; we really wanted to have those results more consistent than the rest.

  • Sam Koutroulakis

    DroidDev, we only watermarked the photos we screen captured.

  • Loved it! The Demo!!

  • Anonymous

    I heard that scrolling and pinch-zooming on the browser is buttery smooth on 1.3…. clearly it still is not.