That sad and depressing July 1st closing date for Google’s somewhat popular Google Reader is quickly approaching. We know many still haven’t switched to other options, but the folks from Digg will have many of you covered a few days early. Digg will be dropping their public beta just in time for everyone to make the switch and transition with ease.

As you all might know, Digg has pledged to release a stellar app to replace Google Reader, and today we’ve learned the beta will be released on the 26th of this month. This is great news for all us that depend on our RSS feeds, that’s for sure.

Digg states that they have over 18,000 users that signed up to test and use the new service ahead of time, and surely there will be millions of other users once it launches. They’ve announced June 26th the public beta will be released to “power users” and we can expect a mid-July release for a broader rollout once everything is moving smoothly.

Sadly it doesn’t look like an Android app will be available at that time, and we’ll be waiting up to 2 months before Digg drops that for the Android faithful. They stated within the first 50 days they plan to offer tons of updates, new features, and an Android app. While we wait for the Digg Reader replacement to arrive check out these Google Reader alternatives for Android.

VIA: SlashGear

  • Guest

    Since when has Digg even been relevant? I’m going to stick with Feedly.

    • lol feedly is awesome.

      • Aleksey_US

        Feedly is crap, InoReader FTW

  • JPB

    Erm….looks just like Feedly, which works *now* on all my platforms. This doesn’t have an Android app. So, why on earth would I consider this?

  • Jason

    I may take a look at this once it’s released, but right now I’m totally satisfied with NewsBlur. It was kind of slow and buggy back when Google announced that they were closing Reader. But NewsBlur has really improved since then. Both their web interface and mobile app work excellent now.