Dead Trigger Zombie FPS hits Android tomorrow for $0.99

July 2, 2012

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Early last month we shared a few details about an exciting upcoming Android game called Dead Trigger. This first person arcade-style zombie shooter was set to arrive today in the Google Play Store, but we are now hearing it is "expected" to launch tomorrow for only $0.99 from MadFinger Games.

MadFinger Games are the developers behind one of the best Android games to date -- Shadowgun. Between partnering with NVIDIA for Tegra 2 and with Dead Trigger Tegra 3 support, this game should be amazing. Blasting hoards of enemy zombies as they take over the city. The wait is almost over so here's the teaser trailer:

[youtube 6Hp966q5bMU]

The graphics and gameplay are awesome, especially coming from MadFinger, and you can expect them to be even better running on NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered devices. We can expect a THD version to arrive on the NVIDIA Tegra Zone too once the game launches worldwide. Playing this on the Transformer Prime or my shiny new Nexus 7 should be a blast.

You can kill, or be eaten by zombies in this epic looking arcade-style shooter. It was supposed to launch today but expect it to arrive tomorrow in the Play Store for all. We'll be sure and update once we hear more or when it launches. Expect a full review coming soon too.

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  • Rob

    what the f%&k…tomorrow? IOS has it today. Way to show some love for the os that gaveyou your big break madfinger…did apple pay you to delay it a day?

    • Shadowgun was on iOS first too i believe. But it’s only a day man, I guess they are ironing out a few last minute bugs, probably to work with the Nexus 7.

      • Anonymous

        iOS has had it since Thursday.

    • jay


  • james79

    dead trigger was supposed to come out june 30th then july 2nd now the 4th! What are we supposed to believe? Good job im stuck on last level of nova3!

  • FUCK !

    Why tomorow ? fuck it !