Oh yea! Chrome for Android Beta just received an update from Google over in the Android Market. At first glance we aren’t seeing anything particularly new, not to mention they weren’t nice enough to provide a change log for the update. Most likely the update just brought minor bug or performance fixes although we do have some bad news. The update is causing issues and Chrome for Android is no longer working on custom Android 4.0 ICS ROM’s such as CyanogenMod 9.

Whether this was intentional by Google to get all the devices that aren’t officially running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich denied access to Chrome or not remains to be seen. While many custom ROM users are most likely to try out beta software, it also makes sense if more users are using the brand new Chrome for Android beta than Google expected. Although they had to know it was coming.

Back to the update, so far nothing really appears to have changed app wise — but wow it’s fast! Nothing in the notes other than the small change in the About Chrome tab for the build version. They must have made some changes to the back end because the browser overall feels much faster. If you weren’t using Chrome before, you should definetaly give it another try now because it is blazing fast. We expect great things from Chrome for Android and so does Google. Most likely we’ll be seeing more updates in the near future to make this the best mobile browser period.

Update: Google has now listed that they’ve added support for multiple countries, as that was an issue when it first launched. More details can be found here.

Are you noticing any changes other than CM9 and some custom ROM’s not working?

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  • Charles Clout

    I’m running the recently released CM9 Nightly for the Galaxy Nexus and the Chrome update is working fine for me.

    Maybe I’m lucky. :p

    • Shane Perszyk

      maybe because GN is a known 4.0 device :p

      • Spoken Word™


  • So……  Kang’d CM9 ROMs are no good as well, I’m guessing?  Running AOKP on my SGT10.1 and turl1’s kang CM9 on my Atrix 4G, probably shouldn’t update Chrome if I want to keep using it!  TiBU right now to test…..

    EDIT – yep, failed on both, restored and NOT updating again until fixed!

    • Hotwire58

      would you mind sending me the apk? I’m on the kang cm9 too on my epic 4g and I’ve lost chrome :/

  • Having downloaded the APK and not being in a supported country, it updated the app for me without any problems (so far).

  • Dejay riordan

    working great on TeamICSSGS build RC4.2 for the ATT CAPPY

  • How about some apk goodness? 🙂

  • Works fine on Manhatten IC on my gNexus 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Working like a dream on my HTC Sensation.

  • Mark

    Running Revolution HD ICS release candidate and chrome is working fine after updating this morning

  • Techcontroller

    On touchpad you have to edit build.prop…an issue with it being wrong. I’d rated the app low at first thinking it was a Google issue, I was so wrong :’-(

    Forgive me google!

  • If the thought of editing your build.prop file sounds daunting to you, maybe you should just wait until the developer updates the ROM in the future. If this sounds like something you can handle then check out the video and let us know in the comments if it worked and what ROM you are running. By the way, anything you do to your device is at your own risk, myself or Talk Android will not be held responsible for any problems you may encounter.

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