Blackberry finally launched BBM for Android yesterday, though that didn’t mean everyone was able to begin chatting immediately. Perhaps in an effort to scale the launch, BlackBerry has released the BBM app, but has users sitting in a waiting list for an invitation to actually begin using it. The reason for a controlled launch makes sense, however we also understand that people are not always keen on waiting.

That being said, the folks at CNET have discovered a simple workaround that should mean instant access — should you still want your BBM PIN. The process is actually pretty simple, download and install BBM from the Google Play Store. From here enter your email address, click Next and then force-close the app.

On Android that means heading to Settings -> Apps -> BBM and clicking Force Close. Once done with this part, relaunch BBM and you should get the required PIN assigned to you. Now for the catch, BlackBerry could catch on and close this loophole. And in addition, we have seen some mixed reports in terms of success.

Tricks aside, we should also point out that BlackBerry has begun sending out invites already. We first registered a personal email address yesterday morning after installing the app from the Play Store. Since then, an invite has shown up for that address — with a catch. We discovered that email in our spam folder. Or in other words, if you registered for BBM using a Gmail account you may want to be looking in your inbox and spam folder, just in case.

  • Jason Anthony Pineiro

    I pre-registered since the 1st lauch of BBM for Android & iOS but now i cant use BBM πŸ™

    • MrDivaNYC

      Apparently the first app had some kind of bug that rendered the app as Setting up BBM! Since they updated it to, I’ve been able to register. So if you still ahve the original version installed and can’t get in, remove it completely and update from the store with a new version.

  • PC PIMPin

    I installed it opened put my email in then uninstalled and reinstalled and that tricked it and gave me a pin πŸ™‚

  • Loyd Christmas

    No luck on the loophole. Just tried it like 5x.

  • Chuleta

    I am in……………Chuleta

  • Cory Wilson

    I’m sick of hearing about it who cares, just use hangouts

  • Sandra Jardim Lopes

    I’m in and enjoying it on my Samsung SIII ^_^

  • Jay

    It says not available in your country,why??:(

  • naveen

    I F YOU DON’T WANT TO WAIT THEN YOU CAN SIMPLY PROVIDE YOUR FRIEND’s email id who is already registered and got their bbm pin ..after providing their emailid you will bypass that page and will b able to create ur own bbm account and you will get ur bbm pin ..enjoy!!!!

    • maisara

      are you sure it is working ?

      • Ryan Gomes

        hi can you msg me that email id the one i used on my brothers tablet is unusuable now

  • Lucie Margaretha Simanjuntak

    I have done it but still not working. I’m still in the wait list. Can someone please help me? I’m using Sony Xperia Z.

    • Moehammad Dzaki

      try my way, add your friend’s gmail that has been used for that registration. It works to me

  • jasmeet

    I took my friends id but still cant bypass the second page its still showing that i am in line πŸ™

    • munya

      ..try going to the bbm site and sign up ur email address then uninstall the app then reinstall it again, it worked like a charm for me was logged in without having to wait

  • Ekem Salvatore Afese

    Yea true…. used a friends account but still could not bybass… smh…. Hummmph!

  • Marcelo Diaz

    I’ve been waiting for more than 24 hours now and I haven’t received the damn email!! so annoying!

    • Moehammad Dzaki

      try my way, add your friend’s gmail that has been used for that registration. It works to me

  • bugra

    Just keep trying them random mails

  • Brave

    has anybody received an email invitation by giving the email yesterday?

  • Moehammad Dzaki

    How to clear the ‘updates’ ?

  • darron

    No I never recieced my email

    • darron

      It don’t work

  • Naddy

    Can anyone please help me with email id which is already register… u can buzz me on

    • bbm

      .try going to the bbm site and sign up ur email address then uninstall the app then reinstall it again, it worked like a charm for me was logged in without having to wait

  • anonymous

    Can u n possibly sign up and log into this app using ur mobile data? Or does it have to br done via wifi? It keeps saying I’m not connected to the wireless network. Pls advise.

    • rizkal

      same as me…

      • Toni

        i have same problem…angry as hell…please help!!!!

  • Eve Ojea

    I have no idea what this is. . . . I am new to android. Just got rid of my iPhone. My bf in another country has an iPhone and we can no longer text via imessenger for free. If I get this BBM, and he still has his iPhone, will this solve our dilemma?

  • aman rehal

    yeahhhh i just reg now on bbm. its realy gud . its work 4 me . i did 1st attampet & reg no waiting .

  • rosh

    I used my friends registered email address and it worked.. I skipped the waiting list

  • Mike

    when will it be available for the other android Tablets ………????????

  • calleigh

    I tried this and worked:
    1. I registered this morning with an email ( I had never had a Blackberry)
    2. Waited (like 4 h) and nothing, the email didn’t arrive.
    3. I closed the app (force quit in Android) and opened it again.
    4. It asked for the email again, I typed the same one I’d used in step 1.
    5. It worked! It told me to create my ID etc πŸ˜€

    Hope this works for you.

    • Meghan

      Can i try using your email to see if i can bypass it.. Ive been waiting for days. force closing it, uninstalling it, reinstalling it… and I cant get anywhere πŸ™

  • Pramod

    worked for me πŸ™‚ thanks

  • NrikeCalderon

    It worked for me.

    • SOWMYA



    its coming setting up BBM

  • himanshu khurana

    register on BBM quickly in just simple steps without holding a spot πŸ˜›
    step1)install bbm n then put the email id of someone else(your friend) who is already registered on BBM.
    step2)then a screen appear asking CREATE NEW/SIGNUP will appear.
    step3)now register with your own EMAIL ID .
    AND GO ON …………

  • Dinete Thomas

    IT WORKS πŸ˜€