Basis fitness tracker app arrives for Android users

June 11, 2013

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The Basis fitness tracker app was originally announced back in January. At that time the app was expected to arrive in March and while that time has since come and go, some good news has arrived for Android users. The 'Basis Fitness & Sleep Tracker' app has arrived in the Google Play Store. And as a bit of a silver lining for those who still like to complete with iOS users, this is a case where the Android app has arrived first.

That aside, the app is available for free but you will need the Basis hardware to get any use from the app. Compatibility includes Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (and later) and for now the support will be limited to a select few Samsung devices. The list includes the GALAXY S 4 as well as the Galaxy S II and S III and the Note and Note II.

The Basis hardware will track your daily habits and includes data on your step count, heart rate, calories, sleep and more. The nice part about the app is Basis users will no longer need to use a computer to sync the data. Not to mention, with the regular syncing on the Android app, you will get in-app notifications on your progress throughout the day.

Of course, those in-app notifications also include nudges for those who may be slipping a little bit. Otherwise, the Basis is priced at $199 and while generally available for purchase from the website, they are currently listed as being out of stock.

All said and done, it looks like Android users now have another fitness tracker available with direct syncing. We hope to see the device support expand, but given the current use of Bluetooth to sync, the Basis compatible handsets were sort of expected. Well, that is at least when comparing to the list of devices currently supported by the Fitbit.

SOURCE: Basis, Google Play Store

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  • Total crap, pre-alpha quality. First, some dumbass limited its availability to US users only, I had to hack (somewhat) to install it from outside of US. Second, it’s just a hastily-done wrapper around some CSS hack on of their web site. It doesn’t work offline, everything is so small it makes my eyes hurt.

    It does sync via Bluetooth, and they’ve made clever use of the huge side button that previously only served as a reset (long press).

    In a word, a huge disappointment.

    P.S. I’m a die-hard fan of Basis, personally bought 4 bands, three of them as gifts to friends, who also love the band.