There is no shortage in terms of fitness apps and gadgets at this point. We have offerings from Jawbone, Fitbit, Nike and countless others including Basis. And speaking of Basis, we first saw the Basis fitness tracker during CES 2012, yes 2012. Though, while originally shown off in January 2012, the Basis fitness band didn’t come available until the end of November 2012.

Simply put, it looks like Basis is making sure they get things right as opposed to rushing them out the door. Anyway, flash forward till present day and Basis has returned with a CES 2013 announcement. The news includes word of an Android companion app for the fitness tracker.

According to details coming from Basis, the Android app is expected to drop in March. Specifically, before the end of March. And for those Android users felling left out when apps go iOS first — take comfort in knowing that Basis is coming to Android first. The Basis Android app will take care of the basics — it will allow for automatic syncing over Bluetooth. And nicely done, the app will sync automatically in the background, which means that your data will be in the app when you look — as opposed to deciding to look and needing to sync first.

The app will display (and allow you to track) all your data including event activity with charts. The app will also send reminders when you need to stay motivated. You know, for those times when you are falling short of your goals. Otherwise, the Basis fitness band is priced at $199, but currently out-of-stock. A quick visit to the Basis store website does however allow for notification of when the band will be available.

[via Basis]