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Grooveshark for Android with Improved Updates

Grooveshark, the music streaming service just released a major update to its Android application. Grooveshark fixed some of the technical difficulties it had in the past, and added several new enhancements for the music streaming application. Some of the added features include listening to playlists created by friends, stations based on genres, saving playlists as a station, and sync playlists. The app also supports a pausing session so it can resume at a later point and maintain song queues.

Samsung Fascinate, Xperia X10 in White and Dell Streak to Best Buy Oct 24

Best Buy’s getting in the mood for a wintery season ahead with the addition of Samsung's Fascinate and Ericsson's Xperia X10, both in white. Dell Streak is also coming to Best Buy soon, as all three devices will be available October 24. Best Buy has already begun taking pre orders for all three devices. All you need is $50 and you'll be added to the list to get your hands on one of these devices in eleven days.

Lookout Premium Coming to Android

Lookout, a mobile security app, is announcing that there will be a premium version of their service some time before the end of the year. The big news here isn't that they'll have added features to the premium app, but that in order to keep a free version with the full list of current benefits, you'll need to have it installed now or at least before the paid version launches. The letter below from John Hering, CEO Lookout Mobile Security, explains as much about the new app as we know. We will keep you posted for further updates on Lookout Premium. In any case, make sure you have Lookout installed before the end of the year, or you'll be paying for the app in the future.
Hello, We’re excited to let you know that we’ll be releasing Lookout Mobile Security Premium for Android later this year. We will continue to offer our award-winning free Lookout product and we will be adding a premium offering for those of you who want added protection. While we can’t reveal the details of the Premium version just yet, we can tell you what will happen for our existing users. For you, nothing changes– unless you want it to! Because you are an existing Lookout user you can continue to use the same great Lookout product you know and love for as long as you want, free of charge. While we will continue to offer a free product, a few of our free features will become premium features for new users. Existing users like yourself will get to keep using those features free of charge for the life of your account. If you are interested in upgrading to the new Premium product, you’ll have the option to do that. And if you change your mind, you can always go back to what you have today for free. Here’s How it Will Work: - We will continue to have a great free version of Lookout - Lookout Premium will be coming out soon (more details, including price, to come) - You’ll have the option to upgrade to Lookout Premium - For existing users, you get to continue using all the features in your Free product today, for the life of your account - Note: The first version of Lookout Premium will be for Android users only. Additional platforms will follow. When we release more information about Lookout Premium, you’ll be first to know. Stay tuned and thank you for supporting Lookout. If you have any questions, please send us a note at In the meantime, tell your friends to sign up for Lookout now! Best, John Hering CEO, Lookout Mobile Security

Sony Blu-ray Player with Google TV Announced

Sony has officially announced today that pre-sales for their Google TV Blu-ray Disc player NSZ-GT1 are happening right now. It will go on sale at Sony Style this weekend. Or, for those of you who prefer to shop in retail stores, they will be available for purchase at Best Buy on October 24. The device will be priced at $399.99.

Motorola i1 crosses into Canadian wilderness

Although we've seen Motorola i1 for Sprint, Canada will now be able to get their hands on this rugged push-to-talk device. Canada's Telus and the Mike iDEN network will be providing coverage for it. And for those of you who need two-way PTT communication and a tough phone for the workplace, the Motorola i1 is the perfect device for you.

Android Gingerbread Rumor Alert

Everyone is eager to see little gingerbread men running around the upcoming holiday season, but this Gingerbread rumor is about the SDK (Software Development Kit) for the next generation Android OS. Sources claim it will go public next week. We don't know yet what version of Android the new Gingerbread will be (2.5 or 3.0), but either way we'll be happy to see the newest OS from Android.
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