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Meizu MX hits China, masses line up at local stores

The Meizu MX finally launched today in China and Hong Kong to great fanfare. Pre orders have been offered and strongly encouraged since December 15th in an effort to quell the very large crowds that waited to buy a M9 last year. Stores notified customers that had pre-ordered the phone, last month, to come in and pick them up. Crowds appeared outside the stores today nonetheless, though not as large in number as last year.

CES 2012 App for Android available this week

The CES 2012 Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest electronics show of its kind, is only a week away. Attendance is always huge, as much of the new and upcoming 2012 product is introduced at this show. There are demos and education, keynote speeches by the most major names in the industry, and vendor booths galore. The show has become so large that there is a CES app you can download to your Android phone, newly available this week.