The CES 2012 Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest electronics show of its kind, is only a week away. Attendance is always huge, as much of the new and upcoming 2012 product is introduced at this show. There are demos and education, keynote speeches by the most major names in the industry, and vendor booths galore. The show has become so large that there is a CES app you can download to your Android phone, newly available this week.

The app features links to exhibitors, keynote events, news, hotel and travel, personal schedule news, alerts, maps and many other useful items. I downloaded it and it has worked very well thus far. The app is easy to navigate, intuitive and speedy, and is packed with features for the future such as special offers, FAQs, a friends link, all of which should make the time spent there productive. The exhibitors link is especially useful since it lists types of exhibits and then by vendor with their location at CES and contact information for the vendors.

This year’s show will likely introduce several new quad core mobile devices (namely tablets, but perhaps some smartphones too,) and hopefully some great new designs from manufacturers of devices of all manners. Android 4.0, better known as Ice Cream Sandwich should be introduced on a host of new devices (if we’re lucky). Android Community will be there to cover all of the new product and innovation coming to market for 2012. Watch our website via our soon to be gigantic [CES 2011 portal] for our in depth coverage.


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