AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket Android 2.3.6 update rolling out, appears broken

February 21, 2012

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We have some good news and some bad news. Lets start with the good shall we? Apparently Samsung and AT&T are sort of ready to start updating the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket because users are getting an over the air update as we speak. Now for the bad news. This same update seems to be failing for most users that have tried to install it -- rooted or stock.

According to multiple owners over at XDA Developers the update is small and quick and shouldn't take but a minute. Only problem is the persistent failing of the update. Many fail before the download completes, and for others they manage to download the entire file but failure is still the end result. A few were lucky and one member was able to update after a few tries and posted a quick screenshot showing the new build.

The update is around 21MB in size and from looking at the screenshot above we can clearly see Android 2.3.6 on board instead of 2.3.5 and UCLA3 for the build. Sadly we don't have Ice Cream Sandwich just yet but they are getting the latest Gingerbread build complete with all the security patches and performance improvements from Google. Samsung has probably fixed a few bugs too but at the moment we don't have a change log and since the update is failing we can't report much on what's new.

Check for updates now manually as usual by going to settings > about phone > check for updates. Let us know how it goes and if it works for you. If so, report any changes in the comments below.

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[via AT&T Forum]

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  • russd mobile

    Mine downloaded the whole file (20k KB)failed at 75% through “preparation”.

    Now it says my software is up to date and I can’t check again for 24 hours….

    • Asjkaskldjasdj234h7823iurnda

       Same fail. Fucking AT&T.

      • Todd

        Mine updated fine. Looks like the lock screen is different but that’s about it.

  • Tecjunkewizkid

    The exact same thing happened to me 75% then failed, cant check for basically 24hrs…wack af!!

    •  Change date and time in settings and try again.. haha i heard that works, not sure on update though

      • Phone Boy

        It worked, Thanks.

      • Rsoboh

         There is a better way to do that. Go to Settings-Applications-All-Device Management- Then clear all data. Go back to software update and it should work. Don’t worry it wont harm your device because Device management involves only the update process and nothing else. It should work smoothly and better than changing the clock back.

      • Phone Boy

        Thank You.

      • Saad

        HeyI have an issue, I am using 8.9 Tab, all i did is cleared the device management data, tried accessing my “software update” but it didnt open, restarted my tab, again it didnt work , please help me, i am unable to access “software update” section

  • Guest One


  • Guesty

    Isn’t 2.3.6 what they pushed in late November? I’ve had it for a while. If you want to try manually, go to settings, scroll to the bottom, and select software update.

  • Guest 2

    Same here.  The full 21MB file downloaded OK, but the update failed at 75%.  Tried a second time and got the same result.

  • Guest

    FAIL.  downloaded entire thing, phone had to reboot then after reboot: “Install Interrupted.  The software update could not be installed at this time.”

    And now I can wait 23hrs 53mins.  lol

    •  or change clock back and try again 😉

    • € vil

      No just set you’re date and time ahead 24 hours on your phone lol

  • Anonymous

    Mine worked smoothly.. No problems

    • Y Marinovich

      My update worked perfectly first time too. very impressed . though it did appear to get stuck for what seemed like minutes at certain points of installation. but i just didn’t touch it and it kept on going to 100%

  • guest

    mine has repeatedly failed for the last 2 hours

  • Kelli

    I got some sort of update, but my version of Android and Build haven’t changed.  My text keyboard is now huge and creates a line that goes up and down as I type.  And my phone is 3 minutes faster than everyone else’s so when I text and they reply it looks like they texted me before I texted them.  It’s very annoying and I dont know why I bought this crappy phone.

  • Movieprem

    I just got my update done in few minutes wityhout any failure.It was actually pretty smooth. I am in NY/NJ area just FYI if that has anything to do with any geographic distribution. But Iam not sure what are new features or any enhancements that have been incorporated in this update.

  • Nate

    Tried downloading it on my Skyrocket and it failed all the time at 75%. (Modesto California)

    • Gabbz55

      I’m from Modesto too. I tried over and over but it keeps saying it’s interrupted. Don’t you just love smartphones

    • Dave

      LOL I’m from Stockton and my skyrocket failed to update at the 75 percent mark.

  • Tislinekuar

    Updated a few hours ago while at work, no issues, no failures.  Was hoping to know what all the changes were.  So far I’m only noticing a few things.  Las Vegas – Stock Skyrocket

    • John499

      Just receive the update…. Totally fail every time. Now its telling me my phone is up to date and i have to wait another 24hr. Bull shit!!! Kiss my ass att and make sure it works.

  • WilliamsonDylan

    MY HORIZONTAL SCROLLING WALLPAPERS ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Orcses7

    Update went smoothly and quickly. No problems yet. What are the exact changes we should be noticing or looking for?

  • Go

    My update failed 3 times after it fully downloaded and was rebooting and now it says to wait 24 hours before trying again. Sacramento, Ca  AT&T Skyrocket

  • Dave

    I heard that one ‘fox’s in this update will fix the battery icon accuracy which is a much needed fix.

  • your device specifications are wrong.. LoL, the skyrocket has an 1850mAh battery.. 

  • i cant believe its another failed update for this thing.. depressing. way to go att… thx.

  • Phone Boy

    What does the update do for us?

  • Phone Boy

    75% and FAIL

  • Jehrlich8

    Got it.  No errors.  1st time through.

  • Linuxdood

    just got the update notice, which is odd since they updated me to 2.3.6 months ago.

  • had to reset my phone to factory then i was able to download the update after speaking with samsung and att both of which are blaming each other for the mishap. But after factory restore update was successful!

  • Ripkvv

    everytime it fails it says up to date check again in 24hrs….. i just changed to date to the next day and it lets me download it again but it fails over and over

  • grrr…downloaded it. failed on the install!!! galaxy s2 rooted

  • Hypervivid

    Work up to an alert and it failed at start. I did a manual check to update, which booted but failed. Unrooted. Ann Arbor MI

  • Berto929

    Im also having issues with the update.Sold my iPhone 4 and picked up the Skyrocket . Android needs to get their shit together. You can’t group text, updates are all f-up, among other things. I will be going back to apple at least I never had any issues when I had it, it just sucks that they don’t have flash.

  • Tedj101

    It failed for me too (twice), but the version shows 2.3.6 while the baseband shows UCKK1 so the update didn’t take…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S Skyrocket for two months.  Yesterday the notice of the update came through. It took about an hour to download the update.
    Today I started the install.  Two hours later it’s still on the white, Software Update Loading screen with 0 progress. Restarting the phone and pulling the battery has not affected the status.  Not very pleased with ATT right now…

    • Coachred_pic8

      This is exactly what happened to my Samsung Galaxy S Skyrocket.  I’m on the phone with Business Data Support as I type because Tech Support couldn’t help due to the white screen locked on my phone. to be continued…..

    • Mw90001

      Does your phone still work?  Quit you crying…the world won’t end if your update takes a day before you can get it…

      • Bill

        No it doesn’t work, it’s stuck on the white software update screen.

      • Anonymous

        Marines don’t cry! And it is quite possible that MY world could end. I use my phone for business.  Like many people who posted here I depend on the device to run my life.  It’s important to me that I can provide for my family. I could care less about the update.
        For those that care, AT&T wanted me to wait five – six days for replacement. I paid for 2 business day shipping. Thankfully it arrived today! 

  • Peurto

    I just received the update and had no problem at all downloading it, but I see no real changes except for the lock screen and the phone icon at the bottom of my home screen. I am guessing it had to do more with bug fixes and Google talk! Question is, when the hell is the ICS coming? That is what I want, not no new way to unlock my screen! But whatever, I guess were going to take it one step at a time!

  • steven d

    my phone is saying software update loading but the bar doesnt fill up at all and now i cant use my phone!

  • Mrjonk

    my skyrocket is stuck on software update loading.. Called ATT they had me call samsung. samsung told me the phone is fried and that I needed to either take the phone to an ATT store to have it re-imaged or fedex the phone to samsung to have re-imaged

  • Redhead8

    my skyrocket is stuck on “software update loading…”  I have been on the phone with ATT for the last 25 minutes…on hold….try turning it off…on hold….try removing the battery….on hold….good grief this is CRAZY!!!  Can’t use my phone!   Help just came back on the phone and asked….”You haven’t done a master restart?”  Hell NO, I don’t even know how to do that!  Geez!

  • Redhead8

    GREAT….now being transfered to Samsung!  From the posts on here I think I’m SOL…..I hope not.  I would hate to be the salesperson at ATT when i visit.

    • Mw90001

      Yeah, because it their fault!!! You’re such a moron!  Call Samsung…

  • Sam

    3 tries, all FAILS.

  • Ubi

    I updated with no issue the biggest difference I noticed is the update removed Carrier IQ.

  • Jay

    After two fails, I did a factory reset (your phone will be brought back to the factory settings, please back up data before doing this..) and the update went through perfectly….

    settings: privacy: factory data reset.I didn’t select to format USB storage.

  • cdubbs

    Luckily my update downloaded and installed without problems. Long Island, NY AT&T Skyrocket unrooted

  • Mw90001

    I’ve updated 3 Skyrockets with NO fails…Way to go att and Samsung.  Now bring on ICS!

    • Mw90001

      Oh…and my world is still the same for all the people freaking out because they can’t get this right away…

      • Mr.Applebutter

        It’s not about the update it’s that the phone is locked.

  • settarose

    what is samsung #

  • tron1974

    My phone is stuck at the software loading screen also. Samsung wants me to send it back to fix it. 5-7 days without my phone.

  • Dwkennemer

    software update loading screen for almost 4 hours…is this common? How do you get out of this??

    • Son of God

      Damn it, I cant even get to the hard reset screen… its stuck at the Software Update Loading screen… if anybody finds a solution please share…

      • Mr.Applebutter

        I just got off the phone with Samsung it seems that you have to send it in for repair.

      • Son of God

         Are you kidding me… they better fix this shit soon..

  • Turner12

    I have the same issue where my screen is white and stuck on the software loading page.  Has anybody found a fix for this?

    • Turner12

       I just got off the phone with AT&T warranty support.  They said they will send a “new” device to me so long as I agree to return my current phone.  When I questioned whether the phone was brand new they changed their definition to say that the phone was new in the sense that someone either purchased the phone originally and didn’t like it so they returned it or the purchaser returned it within their warranty period.  I hesitantly agreed as I felt my options are few and far between.  I also learned a lesson to back up my phone more often the hard way 🙁

      • Turner12

        I called Samsung because I didn’t want to receive a used phone from AT&T and they said I could send it in and they could reset it and send it back, no extra charges.  So it looks like there are two options, one through AT&T where they can send you a replacement phone and another through Samsung where they can reset your current phone.  I prefer the latter.

    • njhc

      Hold down the volume buttons and power button for 30 seconds and do a reboot

      • Turner12

         That doesn’t work, I’ve tried it multiple times

  • Poledawg83

    Same deal as everyone else.  Stuck on the loading software screen.  Taking out battery and doing hard reset doesn’t help.  They want it sent in for a 6 day turnaround.

    •  I’m in the same boat. This sucks.

  • Son of God

    what number did you guys call to get to Samsung call center?

  • Cbr1000rr04

    Never did get the update AT&T has pulled it for now, states my phone has the current software now which is 2.3.5. Hopefully they will re-release it soon.

  • Patrick Christensen

    NYC no update yet.

  • Kevjj2

    Got in touch with Samsung and they said the update has been pulled due to the issues and will be re-released. Didn’t tell me when though just that my phone would notify me.

  • Ghost

    They must have pulled the update because mine is saying current software is up to date. 2.3.5

  • Son of God


  • Viper

    I saw there was an update for my S2 skyrocket, and thought yay ICS, not. However the first update downloaded & failed stressing a server overload. I tried back a few minutes later, and am running 2.3.6
    and everything else reported. While I have an AT&T unrooted, Skyrocket, I’m still looking for
    Differences other then patches, which is what it seems to me.

  • Viper

    BTW, this happened yesterday afternoon, and as soon as I saw update, I plugged it into the charger…hello, most devices freeze without full
    AC power. Just like notebook PC, tablet, etc won’t allow a BIOS update without a plug-in. Tho the person who bricked theirs…try charger first next time

  • Os2triax

    I did the update and now my phone is dead in the water at the loading software update screen, DO NOT update!

    • Viper

      Sorry hit liked by mistake. Have you tried a reset. I always keep a old 2GB sdcard for this, and backup your apps to micro SD, so you can reinstall without market,(yet) knowing they are clean!

  • I was a victim of the update this morning. I’ve been stuck at the software update screen since this morning. I contacted AT&T to see what was going on and quickly got referred to Samsung. I contacted Samsung via chat and they had me do some troubleshooting. Had me power the phone off, remove the battery, etc. My phone won’t even power off, I have to remove the battery. Nothing worked, so they had me call their service dept for further assistance. I have to ship my phone back to Samsung (at no cost to me) to have them re-flash the device. It will be at least 6 business days before I get my phone back. Once I had that info, I contacted AT&T to see if I could get my bill pro-rated for loss of service. No deal. They claim that it’s a device issue, not an AT&T issue. I’m really not happy right now.

    • MikyMike

       I was able to get a credit to my account.  Try a different rep

    • Gthackston

      At&t sais this is a warranty replacement issue.

      The number they gave me is 800-801-1101

      You’ll need your phone with you when you call.

    •  I just shipped the phone off to Samsung for repair. I guess it depends on who you speak to at AT&T. Seems that half the people here are getting AT&T to do the fix and the other half are shipping them to Samsung.

    • Katie

      Hey!  They did the SAME exact thing to them.  This is what you have to say:  Tell them Samsung (This is the truth) did not authorize the update and ATT did it anyway, so you want to be compensated for your loss of service.  Ask for 10 days (11 if you do it tomorrow) of reimbursement.  They gave me a $24 credit on my account.  However, I plan on calling back again tomorrow and asking for a refund on my phone from the original price to what they are selling it for now because of this huge inconvenience AND for lying to me about it multiple times.  Once I told them about the unauthorized update they changed their tune really quickly.

  • Gthackston

    I just got off the phone with AT&T and they told me the install hastily basically destroyed my son’s phone. They are promising a warranty replacement. I wonder how many phones they destroyed with this load?

  • maximus721

    This is Crazy….It has been stuck on “loading” since this there really no fix? I cant get the phone in recovery mode…

    • Valerie

      yep. crazy

  • Anonymous

    I got updated yesterday. Now I am haveing problems. I cannot hear anybody and they cannot hear me. Phone rings, I can dial out I have internet but no audio or mic. Hope I do not have to do a hard reset again. Takes forever to get back to how I want my phone.

  • Knodel

    Got the 2.3.6. update.  No problems.  I was just wondering whats now.  There is a new lock screern and also there is a new facebook system that is easier to use.

  • Valerie

    Shouldn’t AT+T offer us free phones to use while our phones are “repaired”?

    • Valerie

      NO ONE at AT+T knows what is going on. Or that this has even happened.

      • Ghost

        Imagine that!!!

  • Rkeyser

    the update blew out my phone … 

  • Masterssidiver

    My local AT&T Store was very helpful in getting me a mail out replacement phone under warranty instead of the longer return to Samsung RMA I had received yesterday morning. I got the white screen forever waiting to download the Software. I sure learned a lesson about hitting the OK icon. I’m like the rest of you, very unhappy, but what can we domexcept to learn from this. I hope I can recover my contact list from my iPad. I backup my computers, now I will find a solution to backing up my phone. I hope my replacement phone arrives quickly and comes with the 2.3.6 factory installed. I put my SIM card in an old phone and as long as the battery holds up, I at least have a phone to use for a bit. A good reason to keep your previous phone as a back up.

  • Lonely Updater

    FML Samsung told me its a carrier issue AT&T tell me its a Sumsung issue.

  • Son of God

    ATT sent me replacement overnight, after bitching about it over the phone and refusing to go to Samsung and waiting 6 days.  Replacement came in this morning with free expedited shipping..

  • Attsucks

    After reading all this I feel better that I tried to update twice and turned phone on and said update failed. Not trying on next update until I hear it works. Flood luck every one and art u sick.

  • Attsucks

    Good luck and att sucks

  • Mzdemps

    So I tried to update twice when the update came out, both times it resulted in a failure at the 75% completion of preparing the update after the download. I checked after the second failure and my phone says it’s running 2.3.6. Not sure how it happened our even if it really happened because I haven’t noticed any if the differences…


    SAMSUNG RELEASED A FAULTY UPDATE! I used Odin to recover my phone. I downloaded the SkyrocketCWMrecovery.tar file. Put it under CSC. Once ODIN reads phone click start. Done. Phone rebooted and I no data was lost!!! Save your self the hassle of a warranty exchange. ***DO NOT HAVE “RE-PARTITION” CHECKED IN ODIN!!!!*** Hope this helps you all.

  • Klanning

    ATT says this issue is causing my daa usage to “skyrocket”.  They claim I have used over 3 gig in the last 5 days since my billing cycle started.  They did offer to credit $30 for the data usage that I didn’t do, and they blamed it all on the new software update.  Doing a factory reset and hoping for the best.

  • Massamdm

    Funny thing is I deferred the update a few days until I had the time.  Once the white “Software Update” screen started (Loading…) – that was the last thing the phone ever did.  Could not recover. My less than 2 month old Galaxy S II Skyrocket is not recoverable according to AT&T Device Support Center.  I now have the joy of waiting several days to RMA/replace the phone – thanks Samsung and AT&T.  Don’t you test these updates?  Loss of service, loss of phone, loss of personal info, loss of personal time stinks.  Not to mention I have to setup the a new phone all over again – yea!   >.<

  • Kkujawa1428

    This looks like a scam to get rid of the skyrocket so they don’t have tho push any major update promised they only want tho focus on the galaxy note case note its to have ice.cream sandwich. Lol wow they really.messed up customer loyalty now Lol I’m going to Verizon at least ill be carrier virus free

  • Temurphy68

    Download and update was quick and successful. No issues, first time through.

  • Itsnenabellababii

    I just received this update and it completed don’t see much of a difference other than the way notifications look on the lock screen other than that I’m not sure what this update is suppose to do ..

  • Michaelthethird

    I just updated yesterday and it works fine

  • Sambranson

    Mine still shows 2.3.5 and says is currently up to date? Very confused, I would like to update the phone..

  • I got the update, but though there are some changes (icon and lockscreen changes that I’ve noticed), one that I also noticed is that the sliding wallpaper no longer “slides”. Some say it’s a bug, others say it (and the lockscreen changes) is intentional due to the fight with Apple on patent infringement. If the latter is true, that’s disappointing as it was one of the features I liked on the SR and any recent Android-powered phone.

    • kb9h2opolo

      Im going to be really pissed if the sliding wallpaper is taken away permanently. That was one of the most asthetically pleasing features of the skyrocket and really impressed people when i showed them.  Im very angry about this.

    • kb9h2opolo

      Im going to be really pissed if the sliding wallpaper is taken away permanently. That was one of the most asthetically pleasing features of the skyrocket and really impressed people when i showed them.  Im very angry about this.

    • Calrod08

      would anyone know if its possible to go back to or downgrade from the update or is it impossible to reverse? if yes then how would i do that?i really liked the sliding wallpaper too.

  • Allday

    I tried updating my phone but like the last time it failed at 75%.

  • Krazn8

    I have had my S,G S II for over 3 months now and it has not done one update automatically and when I try to do it manualy it says its up to date.  Any thoughts?? – Thanks

  • Just updated my Samsung galaxy S2 skyrocket to with no issues. Very few visible changes.

  • Storkrichcat

    I had no issue with the update.but now i can’t download any new games.

  • Djsuperfwibble82

    just updated and the phone works grt

  • Brandon

    After I updated my phone, I noticed some differences: some good and some bad. The good ones are good but the bad one that I notice the most and I want the remove the update due to this, is my accelorometer is now uncalibrated. When I play certain games, I have to tilt the phone just to have it register that it is straight. Before I installed the update, I could calibrated it manually but now there is no option for it (and I’m not talking about the gyroscope). Does anyone know how I can remove the update so that I can calibrated it myself?

    • Lupe6109

      I too have the same problem… before the update I could, now it’s just tilt and it panels over

  • Chrisparkermedia

    It updated for me, first try-no issues. Skyrocket, living in San Francisco

  • Scimioman

    Updated perfectly fine, first try no issues. Skyrocket, living in Lafayette, LA.

  • Pmiller

    So far it seems to be working fine. Besides the cosmetic changes, i’ve noticed that my battery life has increased monumentally. I went 12 hours significant usage and i’m still at 50%

  • HHS

    Since the update, my camera blinks out after a few seconds, and then forces my phone to reboot. I am getting very sick of this retroactive bullshit. Change management isn’t that difficult to implement.

  • matt

    you need to do an update asap im not really liking it. 1. it dosnt save my sync i literaly have to keep going back and hit sync. 2. it dosnt save when i want to have my phone vibrate when i touch home key or any other keys. not really sure what els i found on this new update but i jst dont like it for some reason and on top of that im not the only one who is not liking it ether i trust in the developers of this new softwear so please for the love of god come out with something inspiering so the galaxy can top any other softwear out there

  • Libby Fleck

    I successfully updated my phone, but after the update I noticed my camera does not always work. It does not always save the picture after it has been taken and sometimes it will not let me record a video at all.

  • anonimous

    i cant update my S2 SKYROCKET I777, i have the 2.3.6 zombie art version and when i try to update appears a message saying ” your recent software is updated you can confirm again in 24hours”… someone help me