We have some good news and some bad news. Lets start with the good shall we? Apparently Samsung and AT&T are sort of ready to start updating the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket because users are getting an over the air update as we speak. Now for the bad news. This same update seems to be failing for most users that have tried to install it — rooted or stock.

According to multiple owners over at XDA Developers the update is small and quick and shouldn’t take but a minute. Only problem is the persistent failing of the update. Many fail before the download completes, and for others they manage to download the entire file but failure is still the end result. A few were lucky and one member was able to update after a few tries and posted a quick screenshot showing the new build.

The update is around 21MB in size and from looking at the screenshot above we can clearly see Android 2.3.6 on board instead of 2.3.5 and UCLA3 for the build. Sadly we don’t have Ice Cream Sandwich just yet but they are getting the latest Gingerbread build complete with all the security patches and performance improvements from Google. Samsung has probably fixed a few bugs too but at the moment we don’t have a change log and since the update is failing we can’t report much on what’s new.

Check for updates now manually as usual by going to settings > about phone > check for updates. Let us know how it goes and if it works for you. If so, report any changes in the comments below.

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[via AT&T Forum]