AT&T confirms Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 launch date

September 30, 2013

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AT&T had previously opened pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3. Those who had moved forward with a pre-order for either of those devices can expect it to be shipped on October 1st. And coming by way of Twitter, AT&T has confirmed the in-store availability date for the Gear and Note 3.

In short, both of those devices will be available in-store and online as of October 4th. Given we have had the pre-orders opened, the pricing for both of these may sound familiar to some. The Galaxy Gear is priced at $299 and is available in black and/or white. The Galaxy Note 3 is also available in black or white, however the pricing will vary depending on the route you choose.

AT&T has the Galaxy Note 3 priced at $299.99 for those choosing the two-year agreement route. A month-to-month option brings a price of $724.99 and the AT&T Next pricing sits at $35 per month. And just to clarify, those going the Next pricing route will need to make 20 of those $35 payments.


That all being said, while there are some differences in the release dates, it does look like all the major US carriers will have the handset available in early October. T-Mobile had previously announced the release date as being October 2nd and Verizon is currently showing a 'ships by' date of October 10th.

Those curious about either device should make sure to scroll back through our hubs for the Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3 as we have plenty of coverage since the original announcement -- including some hands-on time with each of the devices.

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  • Aaron

    Pre-ordered from AT&T last Sunday. Was told it would be in at end of week (4th?) UPS GROUND says it will be in on 8th. Having I shipped to AT&T store. Why pre-order? They said it guarantees a phone. Sure. Not too happy since they will be on shelves tomorrow. They said I can’t cancel till the phone comes in