Asus’ goal for 2012 is to beat Samsung in tablets

December 6, 2011

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Asus has offered up a glimpse of what it wants to do in 2012 at its global sales meeting held this week. Part of the goings on at the meeting was to set the shipment goals for the four major product lines next year. The company has announced that it expects to ship more than 22 million notebooks and netbooks next year reports DigiTimes. The specific number Asus is shooting for internally is 23.8 million units.

When it comes to tablet PCs Asus is a bit more specific. It wants to ship at least three million tablets shipped with an internal goal reportedly set at 6 million tablets. That would put Asus ahead of rival Samsung in the tablet market. Asus may well do that with the Transformer Prime looking like one of the best Android tablets to land so far.

The big number of notebook shipments that Asus expects next year would put it ahead of Dell and put it in the running for the third largest notebook vendor globally. The bulk of the shipments will be notebooks at 19.3 to 19.8 million units, netbook shipments are expected to continue to decline.

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  • BT Onedem

    Dear Asus,
    When you want to kill someone, you don’t go around yelling it out. You just do it.

    • tommy

      They strike fear into Sam who cowers in awe. Like a tiger roar.

  • i will wait for this product to come out..

  • Tmc80tmc

    Shipping product is not the same as consumer sales. To meet these goals there will have to be some heavy hitting (price chopping) as necessary along the way. The waters are already awash in 7-10″ tablets of the first & second generations which will have their own discounting to account for. Soon you could see older tablets floating about at $100 or less retail while new ones go for $100-$400 with a variety of features/capacity/speeds. Asus is probably wiling to double down because they saw very lackluster demand for netbooks even at the rock bottom low price of about $150 so that in their minds proves that tablets have finally “ARRIVED” as the alternative. I say yes & no.. tablets can take the place of netbooks ONLY if they’re fully USB/driver compatible with accessories and are not clunky using a keyboard/mouse and other peripherals (previous gens were quite limited in this capability and clunky/buggy).

  • tomarone

    ok so how Asus makes the best laptops, routers, and portable dvd drives beats me. but i think i want the galaxy note coming out. and it will be a phone. 5.3 inches. But if Asus can make a camcorder and audio input system on their tablet as good as Samsung can, and price them right I know I’ll go Asus. They beat both on cost and on quality, usually.

    • thechevron


  • That won’t be hard with Apple beating down Samsung at every turn.  Let’s just hope the same doesn’t happen to Asus.