ASUS has taken to Twitter to clear up a little confusion in regards to the refund vouchers they are issuing for people who bought a Nexus 7 just before the price drop. ASUS took to Twitter to let everyone know that any tablets purchased on Google Play are not eligible for ASUS’ refunds. Originally, ASUS announced that buyers who purchased the Nexus 7 in Europe would get a £25/€30 voucher.

The confusing came up because the ASUS site for the coupons makes no official mention of Google Play, so most users assumed that Google Play purchased tablets would qualify. “Just to clarify – the ASUS Nexus 7 coupon offer is not available to customers who purchased their device from the Google Play store,” ASUS said on Twitter. At least ASUS is making it clear now, but it would have been nice for users to have that clarity from the beginning.

The original statement from ASUS was that in order for a tablet to be eligible it must be “purchased at our physical channels and its online shops.” Of course, ASUS did not list which stores are included. It’s easy to see where consumers would have no idea whether or not the tablet they have is eligible, and one would assume that Google’s store is about as official as it gets.

ASUS is facing criticism over this situation. Some customers are claiming that ASUS is being unclear to get customers to give up their personal information before they find out that their purchase is not able to receive a refund. Of course, ASUS spokespeople have said that it was clear in what stores were eligible. Either way, Google has announced a plan for refunding Nexus 7 purchases, so if you cannot get ASUS’ refund, you should be able to get one from Google.

[via SlashGear]

  • They shouldn’t have to issue a refund unless it was the week of. the same way if you buy a car before a sale it’s your problem for not doing research they swiped their cards willingly they don’t deserve a refund

    • Ajay Shah

      Asus are choosing to give it, nothing to do with the customer to be honest. The reason is probably because it gives them a better standing with their customers, and may encourage customers to shop directly from Asus in the future in the hope that they will get these refunds down the line.

      • Jay D

        its funny cause the only things you can buy from their website is something that you cant even use.. you can’t even buy the nexus 7 from their site in the first place. trust me, i’ve checked Everywhere…]

  • the Google play restriction was not, and still is not, included on their info page. They have added some FAQ’s as people have been experiencing all sorts of issues with registering. and now the ASUS twitter account seems to be having a rest. All in all a complete disgrace and I suggest reporting them to the Advertising Standards Authority.