Back in early January Archos announced that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich would be landing for their G9 series tablets in the very near future. Now a few months later it has finally arrived and starting today the Archos G9 series such as the G9 80 and 101 are getting the update to Android 4.0 ICS bringing the usual changes and improvements with the latest from Google.

The update is listed by Archos as v4.0.4 but that is their build number. You will be updated to the latest Android 4.0.3 ICS upon accepting the upgrade and along with all the UI changes and performance improvements are bug fixes and new features from Archos themselves. The full changelog can be seen by clicking here. The Archos G9 update to ICS brings tons of new features to media and file manager apps on the tablet, music controls on the lockscreen, Xbox 360 gamepad controller support and more.

To get started today the update should appear right on your device, or manually push the update by going to settings > about tablet > and check for updates. Optionally, you can download the update from and see all the details from the official Archos site and link below.

[device id=1627]

[via Archos]

  • curtis2500

    Downloaded the firmware update, love it. So much faster.

  • rumanuu76

    I’ve just downloaded this update and it seems much smoother. Also no lag when I type.

    I’m browsing this site using chrome beta which I downloaded from the market.

    All in all very positive!

  • Mrjjp

    When are the XOOM and the RAZR getting the upgrade???

    • in2android

      Its coming bro, Google’s becoming big brother to you, then youllnnever worry of an up date again. I’m not on Verizon , so I don’t get to see the best of Moto, but breast assured your in good hands! If motor was over here, I’d be on their team!

  • Frans-Peter van der Leur

    And what about the early adopters of Archos tablets end 2010? They are still stuck with Android 2.2! Never buy an Archos, this is probably the last update you will see!

  • in2android

    Well welcome to 4.0 Archos owners! Loving it on my Prime, & I’m sure you will too!

  • Brie

    Wow Archos gets 4.0 ICS before my SGT10.1.  Samsung is really sucking right now.  I guess its hard to keep up with updates and flood the market with every kind of “Galaxy” iteration they can come up with at the same time. Cheers to Archos G9’ers, Ill be at XDA.

  • Frans-Peter van der Leur

    Feeling an ‘update victim’ too after buying an Archos 70/101 TABLET with PHONE Android OS?

  • Mguting29

    I downloaded my tab with the new update and the screen only works on am angle. I dunno if its the unit itself or the updated firmware, Any comment on this? The archos tech replaced my unit but advised not to update the new unit.