Android x86 releases stable version of 4.4 for your PC

August 11, 2014

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There are a few ways to run Android on your PC that probably has an Intel or an AMD processor, but one of the most popular and worthwhile would be doing it with Android x86. This is a software that runs back to Android’s Linux roots, allowing it to be installed as an operating system for your PC. They have just recently released a stable version based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and all of you aficionados would probably want to check it out.

What is Android x86? Well, it is an unofficial port of Android – which is really a mobile operating system to run on devices powered by Intel and AMD x86 processors, rather than the usual ARM processors. The results have been pretty encouraging, especially pairing the ported OS with netbooks and ultra-mobile PCs like the ASUS Eee PC.

The new features of this latest stable release, apart from being based on KitKat, includes support for HD and full HD video playback in apps. This is done using codecs and plugins from ffmpeg and stagefright plugins. There is also new OpenGL ES hardware acceleration for devices with Intel or AMD Radeon graphics. Lastly, a KitKat-style app launcher is now employed, which is really the Trebuchet launcher developed by CyanogenMod.


Installation is actually easy. If you’ve installed Linux or Ubuntu on a PC before, then you should be right at home with Android x86. You can download the open source installer from the source link, and make sure to pick the one that says Android x86 4.4-r1.

SOURCE: Android x86

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  • Manu

    How can i install this???

  • shekhar

    tats cool. well the android is slowly conquering the whole world
    but develop the android platform on mobiles for coding on the mobiles itself like qpython and django. we still cant use opencv and highgui on the mobiles

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    • Faheem Ahmed

      i will give these guy hundreds of bucks if they come on kickstarter! …please someone email them for me!!!!!!!!

  • Vasanth Vijaykumar

    Hi Manu,

    You may try American Megatrends DuOS. Installation is neat and simple. DuOS is a good performer among available Andriod x86.


  • Uhhh, if you want serious lag use VirtualBox, otherwise, make a USB installer from the ISO using Rufus and boot from it, then follow the on screen instructions…

    • Asif

      Will it support Hard Disk partions to use locally in this android versions?

      • Chinochinito

        Yes it does, I’m currently running Ubuntu and Android in the same hard drive with different partitions on my laptop. I recommend using Ubuntu to create the partitions. Android likes the Ext3 format the most.

      • Faheem Ahmed

        i will give these guy hundreds of bucks if they come on kickstarter! …please someone email them for me!ggg

    • Chinochinito

      Their website recommends using LinuxLive USB Creator, and that’s exactly what I used. I’m currently writing this comment using this OS on Chromebook Acer C720, it was a pain in the butt to set it up since Chromebook’s Bios doesn’t support Grub Legacy, had to install ubuntu for the Grub 2 and then install this Android OS.. It was worth it though..

  • Faheem Ahmed

    i will give these guy hundreds of bucks if they come on kickstarter! …please someone email them for me!

  • Faheem Ahmed

    i will give these guy hundreds of bucks if they come on kickstarter! …please someone email them for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T

    Ok guys, I’m ecstatic!! That’s the solution for me. I have Asus Aspire One 257 and Android would be perfect! Just tell me few things. I have 320 Gb hard drive. How to split it to two partitions using this installation? Second thing would be: do I have to make ISO from this download? Can I run it from USB to install it?

  • I have a “thinclient” with i486 processor .. What version should I install? When I try to install that version 4.4 the program tells me that it is necessary to find the appropriate kernel

  • mahdi

    hey please help me
    am running android x86 5.1 and i have problems with graphic i don’t what really happen can you please tell me what happen

    android x86 5.1 runing on a DELL Vostro V13

    tell me what to do please