It appears another update for Google’s Android Market is starting to roll out today. This isn’t much of a change like we saw a few weeks ago but we do get a few very welcomed changed and additions to the market. What we have here are a few improvements as well as the introduction of the Google +1 button for apps and games.

The biggest change to the new market that is rolling out now and available to download (below) is Google added some new security features that users have been asking and hoping to see for a long time. We now have the same pin code lock/unlock security option as we’ve always had, but now another level placed on the Android market. Now you can choose to have a PIN for opening the Android market this way no one can purchase unwanted applications on your phone.

The new PIN code security is a great feature for those that have kids that love to accidentally buy apps, or that just don’t ask first. This is a great feature to have and something I’ve been waiting to see for a while now. For those that don’t want to wait for the new Market version 3.1.3 to hit your own device feel free to download it with the link below and start enjoying the new features right away.

Android Market v3.1.3 Download

[via Android Police]

  • So when will they have an update for tablets?  This installs on a tablet no problem, but it does not remove the original Market app.  Much confusion ensues with two Market icons…

  • Vielen Dank für den Austausch dieses Wissens. Hervorragend geschrieben Artikel, wenn nur alle Blogger angeboten das gleiche Gehalt wie Sie w?re das Internet ist ein viel besserer Ort.

  • ok, I feel like a total idiot, but i have spent the entire afternoon trying to install a pin on my galaxy tab 10.1 I cannot figure out how to update my android market. i have followed their instructions (open market, go to home screen, wait 10 min, re open market). and  have tried downloading this file, but I cannot open it…. Some save me! my kids keep making in-app purchases, I really need to figure this pin thing out.