This is more of a reminder for those that missed the Android Market leak a few weeks ago. Google updated the Android Market with movie rentals and book rentals as well as a few other improvements. The user interface has almost completely changed and is more in-line to Honeycomb and what we should be seeing with Ice Cream Sandwich. Only problem is no one has got the OTA update that I’ve heard, but today it is hitting devices.

The leaked market was version 3.0.26 and I can confirm my HTC Sensation was indeed upgraded to version 3.0.27 this morning along with a few other devices running Android 2.2 like the image above. I manually installed the original leak on another phone and it was almost instantly upgraded without notice or user action to 3.0.27 so this is most likely the official version. We originally posted the new market for download available by click here.

So this looks to be the final build, version 3.0.27 rolling out to devices as we speak. It isn’t hitting phones as fast as I thought but you all should receive it shortly (if you didn’t already manually update). If you would like to download the latest official 3.0.27 version click here!

What do you guys think of the new market, does it look to similar to panels in Windows Phone 7? Check out our new android market review.