Another loss for Android: Software Engineer Romain Guy has decided to move on. While he won’t be leaving Google, he will be departing the Android team. If you’re wondering where his footprint lies, Guy has been vocal lately about Android visuals and layering, so you may be seeing his work each time you pick up your device.

While Guy wasn’t forthcoming about his new role, it marks another loss for Android. Guy didn’t make the strident exit that Jean-Baptiste Queru did when leaving, but his leaving will be felt. Google, of course, has a deep talent pool, so we’re sure someone very adept will take his place.

After the aforementioned Queru, this is another in an alarming string of departures from the Android team. First, Android founder Andy Rubin left for undisclosed reasons, and has slipped quietly into a new role at Google. Hugo Barra, arguably the face of Android, recently left for Chinese device manufacturer Xiaomi.

What positives can we glean from this? Well, Guy is clearly very talented, and will go on to do more great things with Google. We can also safely assume that Android 4.4 is nearly complete, or maybe even a finished product. As for the future, Android is in good hands with Sundar Pichai, so we only look for more great things to come.

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    Load of talented are waiting for his post. Im ready, challenge accepted!

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    Thank you. Please cone again.

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    I may be wrong, but I’m sure that picture is not of romain guy:-)

  • I hope this will not be a strike against Android.

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