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T-Mobile myTouch Slide leaks: dubious design

We'll be honest, if these really are the first shots of the T-Mobile myTouch Slide in the wild, we're seriously not impressed by HTC's design skills on this occasion.  Taken by a Droiddeveloper tipster, the shots show the rumored QWERTY handset (aka the Espresso or the myTouch2) complete with an optical trackpad. Other specifications apparently include a camera with LED flash, a 1,300mAh battery and a microSD card slot that's apparently accessible without requiring the battery be removed.  The display is an HVGA 320 x 480 panel and under the hood there's an ARM11 processor rather than something more recent (and swift) like a Snapdragon. Considering the myTouch Slide was tipped to be replacing the Sidekick range, we can't imagine fashionistas being particularly keen either.  Rumors suggest the handset will arrive on May 17th. [via TmoNews]

T-Mobile myTouch Slide replacing Sidekick range?

The prospect of the myTouch Slide, a hardware QWERTY-blessed version of the HTC Magic (aka T-Mobile myTouch 3G) didn't exactly stoke our excitement, but it seems T-Mobile USA may be more enthusiastic about the Android smartphone.  According to BGR's source, the carrier is preparing to oust their long-running Sidekick range in favor of the Android-based myTouch Slide. While there's no confirmation from the carrier themselves, and the tipster is said to be a new one and not yet corroborated, if true the news could be a significant win for the Android platform.  Sidekick handsets have proved popular with younger and less-tech-savvy customers wanting some of the connectivity and functionality of a mainstream smartphone; it's possible that T-Mobile and HTC could have worked together on the myTouch Slide to inject some of that ready usability into the new device. According to previous leaks, the T-Mobile myTouch Slide is set to arrive in the US on May 17th. [via SlashGear]

HTC Magic with QWERTY keyboard tipped [Update: T-Mobile myTouch Slide?]

In the second HTC Magic (aka T-Mobile myTouch 3G) rumor of the day, HTC are tipped to be readying a version of the handset with a QWERTY hardware keyboard.  Signs of the new smartphone were found in a new user agent profile file, seemingly for a device with the same specifications as the original Magic but with the addition of a physical keyboard. Also curious is the name on that user agent profile.  While HTC are listed as the handset manufacturer, the file itself seemingly comes from Google (at least going by the copyright details at the very top).  That's led to some speculation that this could be the business-focussed Nexus device Google tipped earlier this month. While we've already seen what's rumored to be the Motorola Shadow, another QWERTY handset, potentially giving Google a choice of "best of breed" Android devices it could include in its store.  Adding more confusion to the mixture, there's no sign of such a phone on the leaked 2010 HTC roadmap. [via CellPassion - thanks Andy!] Update: TMoNews are saying that an Android device known as the T-Mobile myTouch Slide (aka myTouch 2) is tipped to arrive on May 17th.  That's believed to be the successor to the original myTouch 3G, and add a slide-out QWERTY keyboard together with black, red or white casings. [via The Unlockr]

Powermat to launch wireless charging system along with myTouch 4G Slide for T-Mobile

When it comes to charging wires really suck. I think we can all agree that it's much more convenient after a long day to just flop your smartphone onto a charge plate and walk off than having to dig around for your cable and plug your phone it. Powermat has been offering systems for a long time now that allow you to put a new case or battery door in some instances on your smartphone and then charge your phone using a mat and no wires.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide Hands-On, Unboxing, and Full Walkthrough [Video]

It's come to our attention that people want MORE than just the average everyday amazing Android Community review for this device, the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide, so what do we do? We do an unboxing video that show you everything you'll be working with on this device. From the Genius button to the camera interface and back out to the slide-out keyboard. Sound good to you? Let's have a look!

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide Review

What we've got here is, let me tell you straight out, HTC's greatest effort to date. This device takes the myTouch 3G Slide aside for a heart-to-heart, telling it that it's time to leave because the boss has arrived. A slide-out QWERTY keyboard under a 3.7 Super LCD display all around a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and the greatest photo and video setup yet produced on a smartphone. Interested yet? Let's have a full look at this masterpiece of a device.
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