T-Mobile’s lastest MyTouch device is set to come out soon, and is already available for pre-order at T-Mobile. Wal-Mart has decided to one-up them though by offering a pre-order for the fancy new slider for half of T-Mobile’s price (with a new contract of course).

The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide is one sleek device (check out our review!). Its dual-core snapdragon, Sense 3.0, and “the world’s most advanced camera on a smartphone” sure impressed us. For just $99.99, the MyTouch 4G Slide is great for anyone looking to change to T-Mobile (if they can resist the sexy Sensation).

The MyTouch 4G Slide has a 1.2 GHz dual-core and its 3.7″ Super LCD screen slides out to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. For as great as the rest of the hardware sounds, what HTC is most proud of on the device is its camera (and accompanying app). The camera starts sampling as soon you open the app to create the illusion of “instant capture.” Lots of great reasons to grab this deal, if you’re willing to sign on with T-Mobile that is.

[via Wal-Mart]

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