[Rally With Us] to Fix the Android SMS Bug

As you may know from our post this morning, there's a bug in the greater Android system that messes with your texting. What does it mess with? The recipient. Any text you've sent on your Android phone over the past six months could potentially have been sent to the wrong recipient. And not only the wrong recipient in your contacts list - apparently texts are being sent to completely random people while your phone is telling you they were sent to the correct recipient! Harsh! We find this completely unacceptable, and since Google already knows about the problem, we ask you now to rally with us to get the problem to the top of their to-do lists.

Coby Kyros Android Tablets Come Stocked with X Rated Content

Oh dear, oh no. It appears that in Marion, southern Illinois a couple of parents are pretty disturbed at the stock contents of the Coby Kyros tablets they gave their 12 and 15 year old daughters for Christmas. Actually only one of the devices, as opposed to both, had a few apps that were, well, less than appropriate for anyone opening the package for the first time - much less a young person such as this young lady in Illinois. One of the apps found right there on the home screen was called "Boobs! Butts! Babes!" and the other was called "Undress Me."

WakeMate Bursts Into Flames

Whoa! The makers of WakeMate have sent out a warning to users that their Android-compatable WakeMate might burst into flames. Ahhh! They've sent out this message today saying that the black USB charger bricks included with the product are defective. They say these chargers were sourced through a Chinese vendor and proper certification in the USA was performed - but these thangs are blowing up anyway. Check out the full letter and at least one exploding event via tweet.

Droid Streamer Beta Streams Shows Movies to Android Device with Ease

Behold! A sweet little app that plays all your favorite movies and shows (just so long as you like South Park and Avatar) - it's in progress! Normally we wouldn't post an app that's still in Beta, but this one, although the interface isn't pretty, looks rather promising. This app plays movies and TV shows basically INSTANTLY and is produced by a team including KarlssoN1337 from XDA forums.

Further Details on Asus Android Tablet Lineup for CES

Tablets are going to be huge at this year's CES. One of the manufacturers that we are expecting a lot of great devices from is, of course, Asus. It looks like they couldn't hold back the excitement until next week and have released an unveiling video.

Notion Ink Adam Eden VIII Update: Apps without Leaves

What happens when you launch an app in Eden on the fabulous Notion Ink Adam when it doesnt have a Leaf? This is the initial question asked in this newest demo video from Notion Ink. This should answer your questions about what apps will look like if they've not yet exactly gotten on board fully with the Leaf system on Adam - this will be a LOT of apps at the launch, we suppose. This video begins with the launcher, from which you will be able to drag and drop icons to your Leaves to open a new one. If that app doesn't have a Leaf, Eden will prompt you with options.

Android TV DIY Kit Details: Cost, Difficulty Level, Release Date, Bricking, Google TV?

As you very well may have read a few days ago, a group called vidtonic will be showing off a built-it-yourself Android powered television at CES 2011. At the first announcement, not many details were given - that's all changing now. Jeff Cody of vidtonic posted a big Q and A list today listing several questions that were of course on everyone's minds when they first heard the term "Android TV" as well as a couple regarding the actual kit they'll be showing off. Would you like to know more?

More Details Leaked of the Samsung SHW-M190S, Will Feature HDMI-Out

Samsung is getting ready for 2011 in big ways as they are planning on quite a bit of impressive device launches. One of which, the SHW-M190S, has just had more specs and images leaked to the internet. This is the first time we have seen what the device will look like and it's internals are similar to the company's range of Galaxy S devices. However, the phone is different than the Galaxy S series in two ways: the inclusion of an HDMI-out and the new design. The M190S will sport internals such as a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz Processor, 5MP camera, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The phone will ship with Android 2.2 and it "may" see the Gingerbread update. Launching on South Korea's SK Telecom we can expect the device in early 2011. [Via SamsungHub]
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