Behold! A sweet little app that plays all your favorite movies and shows (just so long as you like South Park and Avatar) – it’s in progress! Normally we wouldn’t post an app that’s still in Beta, but this one, although the interface isn’t pretty, looks rather promising. This app plays movies and TV shows basically INSTANTLY and is produced by a team including KarlssoN1337 from XDA forums.

Content comes from sites across the internet including YouTube and odd sites that stream media, and it works. Remember when you test out this very FREE app that it’s still in Beta, and it appears that they need some donations to keep the project running, but they’re updating constantly! Take a peek!


- The Simpsons

- Family Guy

- Two and a Half Men

- Scrubs

– South Park


– and much more!


- Avatar

- Iron Man 1&2

- Terminator 1,2,3

– and more!

[Via XDA]



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