Motorola Droid X Now Features Clockwork Recovery

One feature that wasn't listed with the Droid X, was Clockwork Recovery. Why? Because Motorola doesn't want you to root your phone and do whatever you want to it. They went as far as to add that pesky eFuse aspect, and ever since, folks have been wondering if the Droid X would ever, ever be able to feature custom ROMs. Well, thanks to ridiculously talented developer Koush, we can safely say that the device is one giant leap closer.

Dell Streak Update to Android 2.1 Leaks [Video]

This wouldn't be the first time a version of the Android mobile Operating System leaked out ahead of its intended launch. In fact, it's pretty much a common occurrence now-a-days. Nothing wrong with that at all. This time around, it's for those over there in the UK who've managed to pick up one of Dell's Mobile Internet Devices/tablets. The leaked version hit the Internet earlier today, and plenty of Streak owners managed to go through the update process and take in all the updated goodness.

HTC Merge Makes an Appearance in Verizon Inventory, Android in Tow

At this point, we can safely assume that HTC has a ton of Android-based devices coming down the pipe. So many, in fact, that one or two of them can manage to sneak into a wireless company's inventory, and no one be the wiser. At least, not right away. There's no telling how long the HTC Merge has been hanging out in Verizon's inventory, or whether or not there's actually any models floating around somewhere, but this screen definitely tells us that, at some point, Verizon either intends to sell, or intended to sell this Android-based device.

Motorola Droid 2 Advertisement “Digits” Shows Up Online

The successor to the original Droid, the Motorola Droid 2, launched yesterday. It's what many people consider a soft launch, as there wasn't much official press lingering around anywhere about its existence. We had heard in the past that, due to the fact that the Droid X launched less than a month before, that Verizon was waiting to pull the trigger on their monstrous Droid advertising campaign for the Droid 2 until the end of the month. But, that hasn't stopped at least one commercial from finding its way onto the Internet.

HTC Lexikon and HTC Bee specs outed from ROMS

Details of two new HTC Android smartphones have emerged, seemingly dug out of the company's own ROMs by 911HTC.  According to the site, the HTC Bee and HTC Lexikon each run Android 2.2 Froyo, with the Bee packing a lowly 528MHz MSM7625 chipset while the Lexikon gets a somewhat more satisfying 800MHz MSM7630. Both have a 5-megapixel autofocus camera, but the Bee has a 3.2-inch QVGA display while the Lexikon gets a larger 3.8-inch WVGA panel; both run HTC Sense.  The Lexikon also packs a QWERTY keyboard, which suggests it might be another version of the HTC Vision (though the vision has a 3.7-inch display). According to 911HTC, the HTC Bee is a CDMA device for Verizon (as well as Cellular/UTSTARCOM/Alltel/CellSouth); no word on who might be offering the Lexikon. [via Coolsmartphone]

Google Updates Gesture Search, Now With Flipping Action

Last year, Google unveiled a new way for you to search. They like to do that kind of thing, after all. This time around, it was meant for Android-only devices, and you could use our finger to simply draw a shape, and find a result. For example, drawing an "n" would get you "n"-based results. While it was a great idea, the only tricky part came in the fact that you had to launch an application to get any searching done, and that's just no good.

Dell Blaze Appears on the Scene, Shows Off Android 1.5

We'll go ahead and assume that Dell must not have received the memo. You know the one, where it says that most devices are now running Android 2.x, and that 1.5 is just about as archaic as it gets? That's the one. Why do we say that? Because the Dell Blaze has just shown up on the scene, and apparently it's running 1.5. Some how, 1.6 must have gotten overlooked for whatever reason (maybe Dell doesn't want you to actually use the device).

Voice Actions for Android Make Utilizing Your Phone More Natural

We have these fancy new touchscreens, which have made using our devices so much easier, that may make this article seem a bit strange. But, thanks to Google and their mobile services, we can say that their brand new update to the voice application is something that's piquing our interest. Called Voice Actions for Android, it's meant for Froyo-based devices, and it's supposed to make utilizing your device a lot more natural, and easier.