It’s standard fare to see Verizon release a walkthrough video for one of their newly released devices. And obviously, despite the fact that the Droid 2 got a remarkably quiet/soft launch, that’s not stopping Verizon from releasing a video where one man goes through the process of explaining all the great features of the new Droid device.

This time around, it’s Derek taking us through the ropes. He guides us through the web browsing experience, which is great, and then he shows us the hardware keyboard, and explains why it’s better than the previous iterations. He does a good job of telling us why the Droid 2 should be your next phone, but only you can decide whether or not this device stands out amongst the crowded Android line-up on Verizon’s network. With that 1GHz processor, newly designed physical keyboard, and the 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen display, it will more than likely find some nice home, somewhere. At least a few of them, anyway.

[via LaptopMag]