EVO 4G Easy Way to Root

EVO 4G is one of the fastest and well working phone on 4G. It is hard to get this amazing phone right now because lack of stock in production. The people who have the EVO can now have root access in three clicks.

Best Buy is Out of Stock on Droid X, No More Pre-Orders

The popularity of this amazing phone has reached it's limit. It has been 5 days since the pre-sale started and Best Buy/Best Buy Mobile already have a hard time to keep up with the pre-orders. Unbelievable! But what can you say. This phone has been a hit since it was announced.

EVO 4G Updates is Ready to Change Your Life

Sprint has comes up with the latest update on EVO 4G, although there is no Froyo yet. And while the original update didn't brick everyone's phone, Sprint thought it would be a good idea to pull the original, and then release this one instead. With it, the main key point is faster WiFi.

OPPO Android Phone poses for photoshoot

This year China will be excited by the coming of OPPO Android phone. One of the mysterious phone that people has been waiting for. Recently, the picture of this phone has been taken. As we can see on this picture, the phone seems to be thick which caused by the QWERTY keyboard. The picture is not clear enough but surely it shows what kind of phone it is. A rectangle like style with shiny glass.

Android to receive MobiTV soon

Not only will Android receive the Slingplayer Mobile app but well known television producer MobiTV announced an Android extension development with their software. It's being offered currently on the iPhone and generates the 2nd highest revenue on Apple's app store, the services provided by Mobi TV are offered for subscripers $10 a month.

nook v1.4 firmware is hacked

Barnes & Noble's has comes up with the latest v1.4 firmware for your nook but it will make you lose all of your root access from previous firmware. However, nookDevs have a great solution with v1.4 firmware that already been hacked so you don't have to worry about losing your Android enjoyment such as VPN support, third-party application support and root access. It also let you runs the latest official v1.4 firmware function.

Samsung Epic 4G Gets Handled in Early Preview

Most of the Epic's specs are well known as well as how it will match up against other phones. At Engadget, they were able to receive one and do a test run on it. They went through a brief checklist including the Hardware, screen, software and its overall performance.

Verizon offering HTC Droid Incredible pre-order customers $25 gift cards

A few tips have pointed that Verizon is handing out apology letters to those patiently waiting for the Droid Incredible after another delay. The news isn't very interesting but the one part of this we did find interesting was them handing out $25 gift cards with the letters as a "don't go" plead. The letter simply states they are expecting a delay and that your satisfaction is important to them, in the form of the gift card.

Google rumoured to push Froyo OTA to Some Motorola Droids

More Froya news keeps pouring out, for a while we've known that the Android 2.2 will be coming to Droid next month, but it looks like it might be coming a tad earlier than we had expected, at least for some lucky owners. This is only a rumor at the moment, but with more of a circulation now, it seems far more like reality than fiction. It turns out Google is handing out Froyo to a certain set of Droid users over the air.
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