EVO 4G is one of the fastest and well working phone on 4G. It is hard to get this amazing phone right now because lack of stock in production. The people who have the EVO can now have root access in three clicks.

The first step is to go to the thread at XDA-Developers. In there you will receive all the information and necessary goods that you will need to begin this rooting session. The second step is to install the program to your windows computer. The third step is time for action. After all those steps, it’s time to start the real deal. First tap is to open up the root access, second tap is to unlock Nand, and lastly Flash Recovery. The End. You are set to go.

However, there is a little disappointing news for you all. If you have the recent OTA update by Sprint, you are unable to use this tool to root your phone. I guess you just have to wait for next time.

[via Phandroid]