Barnes & Noble Nook may run Android applications

Barnes & Noble officially unveiled its slick Nook eBook reader last week that will be powered by Android. The cool reader has an e-Ink display for reading and a secondary color display for viewing other content. At the time the device was announced Barnes and Noble was not clear on how much Android would play a roll in the device.

Motorola Droid previewed while Verizon Droid army waits in wings

October 28th and the launch of the Verizon Droid by Motorola fast approaches, but according to the latest rumors, leaks and speculation there's a lot more Android 2.0 intrigue to come before 2009 is out.  BGR have previewed their Motorola Droid prototype and come away positively grinning; the smartphone has an excellent 3.7-inch display, highly usable keyboard and the best battery life and performance of any Android device they've tested so far.

Google rumored to be working on its own Android phone

The popularity of Android devices is booming and all of the smartphones running the OS are currently made by third party developers rather than directly from Google. That said Google does often have hand in the design and functionality of devices running its OS.

Dell Streak Android MID leaks online

I guess Dell is not only getting set to launch its Android-powered smartphone on the US market next year. Today some leaked pics of an Android-powered MID from Dell called the Streak have turned up online. The machine is pegged as a model for the US according to its label.

Budget HTC Tattoo gets reviewed at SlashGear

Over at SlashGear our review of the HTC Tattoo has just gone live, and if you've been wondering whether putting HTC Sense into a budget smartphone makes, well, any sense whatsoever, you'll want to be heading over there to find out.  The Tattoo gets much of the connectivity of its more expensive siblings, but pairs it with a smaller, 2.8-inch resistive touchscreen running at QVGA resolution and Android 1.6. Of course, that means no multitouch support, and as the review explains there's also a shortage of applications in the Android Market.  It also means that HTC can reduce the Tattoo's price, however, and if you've wanted an Android smartphone but been reluctant to sign up to an expensive monthly contract then this could be your winner. You can find the full SlashGear review of the HTC Tattoo here.  Don't forget to let us know what you think in the AC forums!
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