For all those Nexus 7 owners that want a durable case to protect their tablet, yet want it looking classy and awesome at the same time we have a case just for you. It might not be the most functional option available or protect the screen, but the 10Terra Eco-friendly pure Bamboo version for the Nexus 7 are available now. More details on these awesome hand-finished cases below.

Back in September we first mentioned this Kickstarter campaign, and in just 30 days the folks from 10Terra managed to get enough backers to make this sexy case a reality. After waiting a few months, improving the design, and smoothing the edges the Nexus 7 cases are now shipping, and available today. They also offer the same bamboo style for a few iDevices too.

What we get is an awesome Bamboo case for the Nexus 7 that features all the cut-outs and ports needed. As you can see in the pictures everything is precision cut, then the manufacturer hand-finishes every single edge for a smooth and pretty finish. The cutouts are angled and easy to access, and the Bamboo design just looks awesome. I’m a huge fan, backed this project right away, and should have mine in a few days to post another hands-on with the final product.

The case uses friction to stay together, so it’s extremely easy to attach and remove. The video above shows you how awesome these cases look and feel, as well as how it all works together so easily. The video was a pre-production unit and the official cases available today are even better. It’s a pretty penny coming in at $49.99 for the Nexus 7, but you’ll have one of the classiest and sexiest cases around. Learn more and get your own today from the via link below.

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[via 10Terra]

  • hiero

    does it double as a chopping board?

  • Rob Watkins

    That looks pretty cool. I’m getting a Nexus 7 for Christmas. I think I may have to have one of these too.

  • Putting an eco friendly case on your tablet or phone is like ordering a diet coke with your quarterpounder and large fries. Looks good though

  • AsianPockets

    why didn’t they show a picture of the front view?

  • “…one of the classiest and sexiest cases around.” Um, I don’t think either of those words would describe this design.