Many people remember the failure of the zzzPhone from a while back. Now zzzPhone is claiming to have low-cost Android-powered handsets ready to ship to your door from China. Pictures of an “Android phone” are plastered all over the website. While no one is sure if this is a scam or not, one thing we know is Google is not supporting them.

For those who are unfamiliar with zzzPhone, they are a small company of American entrepreneurs who set out to sell cheap phones with lots of features out of China. The first order of business for them was when they took a bunch of orders on phones that didn’t work in the US, so they couldn’t deliver them. As they started to deliver phones, customers were not happy with the quality of their purchases. I have found their website to be somewhat of a joke with several misspelled words; personally I would not be willing to purchase from them for fear it may be a scam.

Their site reads, “per recent reviews, iphone has had problems with dropped calls, not working for people with long fingernails, and a secreet [sic] kill switch has been discovered.NOT FULLY LOCKABLE. zzzphone has none of these problems.”

Word from China is that they’re installing Android on their phones this month. The site states that their Android phone will be delivered on November 30th. From pictures depicted on the website the Android phones are actually that of the HTC Touch Pro with a poorly sketched basic Android screen shot on it. Who knows what the actual device may look like.

[Via Gearlog]