There are a lot of photo management apps available out there that can help you sort through your probably hundreds (even thousands) of images on your mobile device. But if you need help from artificial intelligence technology, you might want to try out Zyl, formerly known as Comet. They say they are the first photo gallery that is powered by AI and it should help you not just manage your photos but also uses deep machine learning to adapt to your photo-related habits.

When it was initially called Comet, its main purpose was to allow you to make collaborative albums and share them with whomever you want to have access to the photos and videos. That function is still present here, but they’re also added a few more features. Zyl locates and then removes duplicates and even blurry photos so that you will have more space on your device (unless you really wanted to save those blurry photos, but really, why?)

The app also detects your “most beautiful and forgotten” pictures over time so you can always look back on photos you posted on this day for the past years. And if you are concerned about your photos floating around the cloud, this app actually just takes care of the photos secured and stored on your smartphone.

You can download Zyl from the Google Play Store for free. If you already had Comet before, you may need to update it to Zyl to be able to enjoy the AI for managing photos that they’re offering now. No explanation really why they changed the name, other than the “Zest Your Life” acronym, but at least you get so much more out of it rather than just the usual collaboration and sharing functions.