When Razer’s eponymous gaming smartphone launched, we would think that a lot of other brands were observing if the market was indeed ripe for a gaming smartphone. The Razer Phone’s relative success was a signal to other manufacturers that the niche market for gaming smartphones was indeed growing, or so Xiaomi believes as it sets up the launch of its own Black Shark gaming phone. Now ZTE sub-brand Nubia is also testing the waters with launch of Red Magic, its own gaming brand.

At the MWC 2018, Nubia was making noises about a gaming smartphone – although it was still a concept phone in Barcelona. Nonetheless, the concept gaming phone attracted a lot of looks because of its sleek design and because it touted features like carbon nano-material for the body. Now these concepts will have a home in Red Magic.

Red Magic says that it is preparing to launch a line of products that will “provide a more complete gaming experience for the masses.” We hope that this means gaming smartphones at aggressive prices – quite like how OnePlus disrupted the flagship smartphone market a few years back.

The new gaming brand says that its first gaming smartphone will be “a product to bring all gamers – casual and competitive – together”. With Xiaomi’s Black Shark also coming out soon, this niche market for gaming smartphones is surely heating up.

VIA: GSM Arena