Expanding beyond the confines of the usual smartphones and tablets, ZTE has announced its first foray into the gaming industry. But more than just simply a gaming console, the ZTE9 FunBox offers an all around connected experience for the family to enjoy in the living room.

The FunBox is the brainchild of ZTE9 Limited, which is what ZTE is calling its partnership with The9, one of China’s more popular game companies. Together they have brought forth a device that would sing to the hearts of Android gamers. After all, it boasts of an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, 2 GB of RAM, a Bluetooth controller, and a variety of connectivity options like WiFi and USB. This puts the colorful box right up there, and probably higher, than similar Android gaming consoles being offered today.

But gaming isn’t the only purpose the FunBox has in life. Being an Android device, the possibilities are almost endless. Hook it up to a TV, preferably a smart one, and you double the fun. ZTE claims that the FunBox can be used for making video calls, provided the smart TV is well-equipped. It might be a strange setup, but it could be useful for family or group gatherings. Of course, online video streaming will also be another source of entertainment.

ZTE9 has not yet revealed how much the FunBox will cost, but it says that online sales will start next month on retailer JD.com’s website. This makes the console available only in China, with no word yet on international markets. Customers will be able to select from 12 color options but ZTE hopes that the buyers will be able to choose personalized casings for the FunBox in the future.



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