As MWC nears, more manufacturers are starting to hint at what they have to offer. Joining this bandwagon is ZTE; they plan to release multiple devices next week that incorporate both quad-core processors and 4G LTE. Precisely which 4G LTE network they’ve decided on is still unknown.

Executive VP over at ZTE stated that ‘the new devices [from MWC] will demonstrate how ZTE is among an elite group of handset providers”. Expect to see specifics on the devices unveiled in a press conference this coming Monday at 10:30 CET. Of course, you can always stay tuned here, as we’ll be in Barcelona reporting live.

ZTE aspires to become one of the top three handset providers by 2015. With HTC trying to reclaim its throne, and Samsung retaining its steady increase of sales, they’ve definitely got some competition. Hopefully this quad-core flagship device they plan on releasing puts them on the right track.

[via BusinessWire]


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