Here’s another phone offer from ZTE: the ZTE Tempo Go. ZTE USA has rolled out this new device that runs on the lighter Android platform. We know how most OEMs are jumping on the Android Go bandwagon and this Chinese OEM which is the fourth biggest in the US won’t be last. The Tempo Go specifically runs on Android Oreo (Go edition) and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor so you know it can be fast and high performing. Making the phone a clear winner is the sub $100. It costs only $79.99 so you know it’s dirt cheap.

ZTE Tempo Go comes equipped with only a 5-inch screen with 854 × 480 pixel resolution, 8GB of onboard storage (expandable), Snapdragon 210 mobile processor, 2MP selfie camera, 5MP rear shooter, 1GB RAM, GSM & CDMA compatibility, and a 2200mAH battery. It is powered by Android Oreo (Go edition) so mobile experience should be good and fast enough.

The phone can support the Google Assistant Go and the Play Store so you can enjoy most Android apps, as well, as smart assistance. There may be limits to the functions and features but still very decent.

ZTE is the first to offer an Android Oreo (Go edition) device in the United States. We’re not sure how the US market will receive the phone but ZTE Mobile Devices’ VP of Product Strategy and Marketing Jeff Yee believes it “will provide consumers with an optimized, powerful Android experience designed to allow them to do more on an entry-level smartphone than ever thought before.”

Qualcomm and ZTE USA have committed to work together to bring Android Go with the Snapdragon 210 processor. It’s not exactly a powerhouse but it’s capable of running most Android tasks. Simply put, this Tempo Go is the first Android Go phone to roll out in the country. There’s no information on exact availability but we’re crossing out fingers really soon.



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