ZTE made some big moves in terms of a US push last October. The company announced the availability of two devices, but perhaps more important was the partnership with the Houston Rockets. We spent some time with ZTE when they announced that partnership and one bit that stuck out was how they prefer to focus on the customers as opposed to the competition. With that in mind, partnerships seem to make sense given how they get the ZTE name in front of potential customers.

Anyway, while the Houston Rockets partnership was for the 2013-2014 season, it now appears more partnerships will be coming. Coming by way of the Chinese language Weibo, ZTE has recently shared a new image detailing what appears to be a partnership with Red Bull. The teaser image (seen below) mentions “ZTE Red Bull Mobile.”

If you notice, it also has the NBA logo sitting up towards the top right, which implies that side of the partnership will continue. With a bit of translation help coming from G4Games, the teaser image mentions how the company is now 16 years old, and that it is “time for youth.” Without an official announcement we aren’t exactly certain where things are going. Not to mention, we expect those translations to be a bit on the loose side.

Perhaps key here, it would seem ZTE is focused on the younger audience. And are planning to continue going the partnership route. Maybe we’ll even see a special Red Bull edition ZTE smartphone this year. We saw a Houston Rockets branded nubia 5 last year. Our original piece about the Rockets partnership, along with a hands-on and review of that specially branded nubia 5 can all be seen using the links in the Story Timeline sitting below the image.